My Step Son, My Love?

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I've been thinking about this for a while now, so I decided to give it a try.

Enjoy! Or not..Feedback is highly appreciated!!

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

My day started the worst way possible. I didn't know what to do anymore. I didn't have anyone to turn to or nobody to help me. I just wanted my life back. I would pay any price for it.

I jumped off my beaten Honda running across the parking lot, finally reaching the door.

"Hi Kate! How are you dear?" Janet asked me, smiling.

"Hi Jan, I am so so so sorry! I went to see Kristen and she was crying really hard this time. They want to place her in a foster home..but I promise you that I won't be late again."

"Kate! It was your first time in a year honey! And for only 5 minutes! I know how Kristen is important to you, don't know you can count on me, just be careful with Rob, he's a little stressed this days." Janet is awesome! I knew that I could count on her (not that I ever did, I don't really trust people)

"Thanks for the heads up! I can risk to lose my job, I need to save money for the new apartment, if I want to get Kristen back." I sighed, trying to shake the sad feeling that I always get when I remember my little sister, living in a Orphanage because according with the government I wasn't able to provide for her after my mom died a year ago, victim of an armed robbery at the restaurant she worked as a waitress. I was 22 and Kristen 10, we used to live together with my mom in a crappy apartment where we shared a room together. I never knew my father, my mom told me once that when he found out that she was pregnant, he took off at night and never came back or wrote a letter. My mom never thought about abortion, being the big hearted Italian she was.

She came from Italy when she was 18, after my grandparents died in an car accident. She wanted to start over so she came here, finished high school, fell in love with the scumbag that got her pregnant with me and later with Kristen's dad who did almost the same thing as my father, but he told her he was going to buy water. Needless to say, he's still buying water. That's why I don't live with my sister anymore. After my mom died, we didn't have anyone; I was over 18, but Kristen not, and we didn't have a place of our own, I didn't have a job and no money in the bank. If I wanted to have her back, I'll have to prove that I can afford to have her with me. That's why I've been working so hard, every shift that I can get on Joe's Diner, a cute little diner outside the city. It was really nice and I loved work here. But waitress don't get loads of money; right now I'm living in a rented room and saving almost everything for the new apartment that I needed to rent. It was the first step to get my baby sister back.

"Don't worry honey. I'm here for you. Ohh I almost forgot! Rob said that we're having a large group in a bit, I think they are businessmen, trying to franchise the diner. Do you know what this means right? Niiicee tips girl!"

"Yay! Everything that I need right now!"

"Kate! You'll be exclusive tonight. Just take care of the big table okay? I don't want to hear any complaints about your work do you hear me? This deal is huge!" Rob was fuming and I didn't want to get in his wrong side today.

"Sure thing Rob,don't worry, I'll treat them like family." I smiled at him

"Good girl.Let's get to work then, they'll be here any minute." I went back to the kitchen to finish the free appetizers, when I heard loud laugher and a lot of talking. I hurried to the diner with my tray full of food. I put my best sweet smile and walked in the table's direction.

"Hi! My name is Kate and I'll be your exclusive server tonight. I have some samples for you guys on the house. I hope you guys like. So, let's start with the drinks?" I didn't show of course, but i was a little out of my element here. In front of me was siting 15 middle aged men and women dressed in Boss and Armani suits, with me serving them, a girl who can't even get her baby sister back.

"Excuse me Kate, right?" A good looking men called me the nicest way possible for a creepy guy. I put the best smile ever and walked over him.

"Yes sir? What i can help you with?" The way that guy was looking at me, was sending shivers through my whole body and not the good kind. I hated this type of men, with middle age crises, trying to hook up with a much younger girl just to prove that he still can get some young ass. Disgusting.

"Yeah babe, why don't you start giving me your phone number huh?" Then he winked! Really? I have to keep my cool, I have to keep my cool...

"Bob, I don't think we came here to hit on the waitresses, we came to check the place and the food. Be professional." I turned to see who had saved me from getting fired, and saw a good looking men looking straight to Bob's with eyes full of power, that I almost run for my life. He was really god looking. He reminded me of Richard Gere in pretty woman. I had a crush on him forever after that movie.Who can blame me? after my mom's disastrous relationships and mine too, I did't believe in love, soul mates, went everything together, jump cliffs in name of love. The only thing love brought me, was problems. John looked at me and smiled a nice smile that made me want to hug him.

"I'm sorry John, I didn't mean to offend you or her. I was just kidding" his smile faded and his tone was harder than before "You should be sorry Bob. If I ever catch you doing something like this again you will be out of the company, understood? Now apologize to Kate here and let's eat." He and Bob looked at me and Bob apologized through clenched teeth.

"Apologies accepted. Now, what I can get you guys?" The rest of the night went without any incidents, and I was cleaning the table after them left and Rob was inside his office talking to John(who I learned was the owner of the company that wanted to make the franchise) I was leaving for the night when I caught someone standing by my car. I got scared and came to a halt when I heard his voice. It was John. What he was doing waiting by my car I thought.

"Oh hello Kate, I just want to know if you are okay, after everything that happened tonight" huh? He wanted to see if I were okay?

"Erm..y-yes I'm fine, thank you sir." I looked at he floor. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable with a powerful men standing so close to me.

"Good, good. I heard a lot about you today Kate, I am quite impressed with you. Rob told me that you are a very hard worker and nice with costumers. for a girl you are very mature too." What? Why he'd ask about me?

"T-thanks sir, but I'm not a girl anymore, I have 23 and life teaches the best lessons." He looked straight into my eyes and smiled.

"Please Kate, call me John and I know that you're not a girl, but a beautiful woman.It was a pleasure to meet you. We'll see each other again. Good night"

"Nice to meet you John. See you then." John smiled at me and left, leaving me rooted on my spot completely confused about what just happened. That guy just flirted with me?

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