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Old man on the side of the road.

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This is a poem I wrote when I saw some old raggedy man on the street. I live in the country so homeless people are few and far between. This is basically all the questions that popped into my head when I saw him... and yes I seriously thought them in poem form... out loud to the friend I was with at the time. She pretty much thought I was an idiot, and did not hesitate to tell me so when I was finished reciting my wierdness. 

Old man on the side of the road

Are you homeless? I don't know?

But you smell like liquor, liquor and pee.

I hope you're not thinking about raping me.

Old man on the side of the road

Where did you come from?Where will you go?

Is your past happy? or troubled and sad?

I think your beard is pretty rad.

Old man on the side of the road

Do you have dreams? Or just go with the flow?

Are you nice? or are you rude?

I really wish that I could give you some food.

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