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Things you need to know:
Y/n~ Your Name

L/n~ Last Name

F/c~ Favourite Colour

E/c~ Eye Colour

H/c~ Hair Colour

H/l~ Hair Length

More will be added in the future :3

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Chapter two;
Meeting Osano

Y/n L/n


As I was done taking a shower I quickly put on my uniform and tied my H/l H/c into (desired hairstyle) which I find cute. After I finished styling my hair I entered my sister's room and just as I thought, she's on social media. I mentally sighed then I told her to hurry up which caused her to jump a little.

"Oi! Melody hurry up you don't want to be late again!" I said which caused her to jump.

"Oh my god Y/n why did you do that thought you were a serial killer or something!" She complained.

"Yeah whatever just go downstairs mum is cooking us breakfast," I explained blankly

"YAY!" She screamed at the top of her lungs which I find annoying and childish.


Melody L/n


As me and my sister were walking to school Y/n bumped into a guy with orange hair and matching eyes he doesn't look like he's in a happy mood....

"Hey watch were you going! B-baka!" The orange haired guy said

"OMG! I am so so so so so sorry I didn't mean t---" My sister said but got cut off by that dude

"Y-yeah whatever..." And with that he walked away I swear I saw a tint of pink in his cheeks which caused me to tease my big sister.

"Ohhh~~ looks like someone has a crush on you~!" I teased my big sis

"S-shut up M-melody!" She stuttered which caused me to laugh my ass off and causing Y/n to look like a tomato from embarrassment.

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