Friday Afternoon, LA Streets

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~Your POV~
I walked alone, to get the feeling right. What feelings? All the confusing feelings for Dark. I sorta cared for him, but also, because of this mornings antics, I was also scared of him. Not the best combination. After he left, I had taken a shower, and decided to walk around. Walking calmed me, and waking in LA was more calming somehow. I pulled out my (f/c) earbuds, and put them in, hitting 'Shuffle' on my (phone brand). Maybe life was trying to apologize for the crappy morning, because the first song that played was blink-182's 'What's My Age Again?' I started humming along to the tune, and notice a food truck. My stomach growled, and I realized I hadn't eaten at all today. I walk over, and I saw a familiar face.
"Oh, hey Mark!" I walk over, pausing the song. He looked over, and smiled, giving me a hug. I stood back a little, and stared at him. "Are you that friendly with strangers?"
He laughed, and shook his head. "You're not a stranger."
"Hah, real funny." I rolled my eyes, then looked at the food truck. "Mexican? Alright."
I waited in line with Mark, just chatting, (mostly me asking a lot of questions bout his channel and stuff) Once we got up to order, I decided to splurge, and got a 2 pound burrito, and a large (fav soda brand). Mark ordered a walking taco and got some Coca-Kola.
(A/N: Eyy, see what I did there?)
"That'll be 8.40." I reach in my pocket, then realize. My money was still at my other shorts. "Oh no..."
I smiled at the man cheekily, and muttered, "I forgot my money at home." He sighed, and started putting my order back in the food truck. "Hold up, I got it." Mark said, pulling out 2 ten-dollar bills. "Is that enough?" Then man looked at him and shrugged, giving both me and Mark our orders. We walked away, and then I lightly shoved him.
"You didn't have to pay for my food, ya know?"
He scoffed. "It's the gentlemanly thing to do." He struck a pose, with a small smile, hands in the air, and one knee bended.
I laughed, smirking. "Stop being Wilford Warfstache, child."
He looked back at me and grinned, relaxing. "So I see you have done your homework."
I nod. "I just wanted to know more about your fanbase, so I read on a fan wiki."
He pointed out a picnic table, and we sat down there. I didn't even stop to think; I just started eating the burrito, scarfing it down.
"Holy shit, you might actually eat all two pounds of it..". I hear Mark mutter.
"Mmph....I wuz hungry." I reply, swallowing. "Ehh." I hit my chest a couple times, trying to dislodge the piece of food stuck in my throat. I motion for my drink, and Mark handed it over, while trying not to giggle. Taking big gulps, it finally went down.
"Went down the wrong pipe?"
"Yes, yes it did."
We talked for a bit more, then Mark steered the conversation towards me.
"So, why exactly are you here in LA?" He asked, hands under his chin, staring at me.
"Well, I came here to see LA, see if it lived up to what I've heard about it, and also go to college to be a engineer."
Mark frowned at the last part, and whined. "I could've been a engineer...."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Well, before I started posting on YouTube, I was going to learn to be a engineer. But, I dropped out, and decided to start a YouTube channel. That must have been my best decision I have ever made."  I laughed, and smirked. "Maybe I'll achieve what you didn't!"
~15 min later~
I laid down on the bench, tired. The food and the sun were taking their toll on me. "You alive over there?"
"Mhmm... imma take a cat nap...wake me up...."
~3rd Person POV~
(Y/n) fell asleep, and Mark shook his head, chuckling. Then he noticed something on her outstretched wrist. "Huh, she doesn't seem like the person to get a tattoo-" Mark stopped, once he saw the cursive, elegant 'D' on the inside of her wrist. His mind flipped back to when Wilford and Dark were arguing. 'That's...that's what marked means.' And Mark had read enough fanfics to know what usually happened to the marked people. He started getting up, but nausea hit him, and he sat back down roughly. "Ugh..." His eyes rolled up in his head, and he fell against the table, unconscious. A man walked out of the shadows. His pink mustache twitched a little. He hadn't needed Mark unconscious, but it made this easier. He walked over to the other side, and picked up (Y/N) carefully. "Time to teach Dark, a small lesson."

Oh, nothing at all~
WIL- he's gone. People, run. Run.
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