The pain

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Betty's POV
I just stare off into the space as my parents rush around me yelling at me for being so stupid. I just tune them out and let my mind drift back to jughead. How he saved me and cares so much for me. He's such a sweet boy, so good looking, and funny. He's even more perfect then Archie I guess I was just blinded by the red head jock. But now I know who I really like. But it's a shame because he'll never like me back. Like Archie said why would anyone want to date me. Well okay he didn't say it that way but it felt like it.

I was discharged from the hospital today. Both my parents are leaving for 2 weeks so I'll be all alone to think of my thoughts. Their also making me go back to school today, by know I bet everyone is taking about me and my accident.

As I walk through the front doors of the school all eyes fall on me and the whispers begin. I look down trying to not let them get to me but it was to late. I already felt all the tears whelk up in my eyes. Jughead ran up to me right away. "Oh my gosh Betty! It's hasn't even been 24 hours, and your back at school!!!" He cooed stroking my back.

I nodded "Ya they didn't want me to be gone to long. The doctor has given me antidepressants though, and I need to take another endorphins booster because I've been so depressed." I say meekly. "But I think If I'm around you that might help!"

That brought a smile to his face. I gave a weak smile back and he lead me to my next class. Archie came running up to me trying to give me a hug. But jughead shoved him away and I'm glad he did. "Dude what are you doing your the one who caused this!" He was shouting now. "You really hurt Betty arch and I won't let you do it again" he said while dragging me away.

But Archie was relentless he grabbed my shoulder yanking me away from the comforting grasp of jughead. "Betty tell me what's wrong?"Archie asked concerned.

I yanked my arm away "Archie you laughed at me and said I wasn't your type. Then you said we could be friends, not even best friends! Then you laughed again when I cryer. Archie when I was younger I was extremely depressed, I got over it. But you brought it back worse then before!" I yelled clenching my hands tightly. I could feel the skin ripping but I was the numb to the pain. The pain had taken over my whole body and there's nothing left to hurt me. Archie tried to apologize sympathy on his voice overtaking everything else. I could see the tears forming in his eyes I guess he really did care but it was to late.

Jughead must have noticed my clenched hands because he grabbed my shoulder pulling me into another room. "Betty? Show me your hands." He stated. I reluctantly showed them to him. He gasped in shock. On each hand I had 4 deep bloody wounds from my nails cutting into my skin. He took my hands in his and looked into my eyes.

What happened next I wasn't expecting he leaned in placing his lips on mine. I was startled but didn't pulls away. I kissed him deeper and all the pain that was shelled up inside me faded away.

"Juggie, I know that I am um... sick right now, but with time and with you I can get better. I will get better for you." I whisper even though no one could hear us. He smiled then took my small frail body into his embrace, and that's when I realized I loved him.

Hey guys so I have been really into the story over these past few days, so I will be updating a lot!! Yay! 😊
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