[Chapter 29]

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They went to the highest seating where they could see the whole race plus they were given binoculars. Soyeon was seated between Jungkook and Taehyung who were currently arguing which racer was better while the racers who were doing the grand performance were drooling over Soyeon and Haeju from below

"Okay !! Racers !! Let's go !!" The girl in a neon pink sport bra and a skimpy skirt was standing on the starting line with 2 flags "Are you ready ?!" She asked the racers who responded by making loud noises with their engines

"On your mark..."

"Get set..."

"Go !!!" She exclaimed as the cars drove pass her swiftly

Soyeon looked at the racing cars excitedly and bit her lip since she was quite impatient to see who came out first place

"You seem to be the most excited" Hoseok chuckled looking at Soyeon "Cause I am, this is quite exciting" She responded happily still having her eyes on the cars "Princess, I suggest you to lean back cause you might ever know when the dirt can hit you" Jungkook says pulling her by his side making Soyeon roll her eyes "We're at the highest spot" She groaned

"Trust me, Namjoon hyung got smacked my dirt when we were here the last time" Jungkook says as she sat down beside Jungkook with a childish puff and she frowned for the next 5 minutes ignoring everything "Oh come on, smile~ please~" Jungkook cood playfully nudging Soyeon's chin

He continued this until she smile with a chuckle slipped out her lips

After watching the race, they went to the underground club where they were all partying extremely as they got into a booth fit for 9 people

"So what's the price of you following me home tonight ??" One of the racers smirked at Soyeon who raised an eyebrow "Fat chance" She shot at him with a smirk "Aww, babe-" as Soyeon got up and kneed his sunshine then smacked his face "Call me 'babe' one more time and I swear you'll lose both your balls" She hissed in a venomous tone

During the hour of them partying, Soyeon's face was showing boredness and the rest were dancing well except Yoongi who was listening to his own music using his earphones and Jungkook who seemed bored too beside her

"Come on, you guys !!" Haeju says gesturing to the youngsters but Soyeon looked at Jungkook who shook his head but she had a wicked idea and pulled Jungkook to the dance floor which caught him by suprised "What the hell ??" Jungkook questioned between his laughter "I've never seen you dancing freely so why not dance with me ??" Soyeon taunted playfully at him

As he just shook his head chuckling "Why do you keep suprising me princess, tell me" He says placing his arms on her waist making her go closer to him and their foreheads rested against each other "Because I do what I want" She smirks

When they were all exhausted but satisfied, they went outside to their cars ready to leave the loud energetic place

"I wanna get some fresh air or some place relaxing" Soyeon says as Jungkook and her were walking to their cars "Sure since I think the night just begin" Jungkook jokes "Yea yea, the night began hours ago since it's 2:00AM now" Soyeon replies after getting into her car

Jungkook opened his car sunroof and stopped infront of the entrance where the rest just came out "We're leaving first so we'll see you guys tomorrow" Soyeon says with her sleepy eyes "You're giving her a ride back ?" Jimin asked

The maknae nodded "Yeah but we're going to get ice-creams and a night drive first, bye hyungs !!" Jungkook says before pressing on the gas pedal in much pressure causing them to move really really fast "The air is literally smacking me" Soyeon giggled sitting up on the seat and turned to Jungkook

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