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My heart was pounding a mile a minute as I sat and watched TV with Michelle.

What if he walked downstairs?

What if I tried to say something to him and he straight up ignored me?

Wait. I did that to him before though.

I thought back to the last time I babysat when I was angry at Dillon, for something stupid probably, and I ignored him, thinking it was the best decision for me, but truthfully, I needed him.

I needed to talk to him.

I need him.

But I won't be able to have him. Now he hates me and I'm pretty sure he wants me out of his life forever.

I don't blame him.

"Can we change the channel Cait?" Michelle's soft voice broke my thoughts. It was almost 9 pm and I heard the tiredness in her voice.

I might as well let her watch the rest of these cringy- bad acting kid shows before I bring her to bed. 

My mother and Ms. Taylor were probably going to be back at around midnight and Mr. Taylor is out of town.

"Sure, of course hon." I said with a smile picking up the remote.

Michelle fell asleep in the middle of the show so I quietly picked her up and brought her into her pink and blue themed bedroom. I slipped her into bed and tucked her in. I turned off the light and quietly closed the door.

As I turned around, I squealed in surprise as Dillon was standing right in front of me.

He looked... awful.

His hair was a mess and pushed in all different directions, he didn't have a shirt on, and his eyes were bloodshot red.

"Cait..." he slurred.

Goddamnit he's drunk.

"Dillon what are you doing?" I asked with wide eyes. I took a step back.

"I should be asking what you're doing..." he unsteadily took a step towards me and almost fell.

"You're drunk Dillon. Go drink some water." I said in a soft voice.

"Why did you-" burp - "break my heart?" he burped again.

"Dillon, go to sleep or something."

"Hey- don't... tell me what the fuck to do!"

He suddenly grabbed my arm and fear washed over me.

How drunk was he?

"Why did you do this to me Cait?" I saw tears come to his eyes.

"Dillon I..."

"You're just like Teresa." He let go of my arm- well, threw my arm out of his grip.


"Oh... I know why you did this. Answer this for me Ms. Cait-y." He almost couldn't get his words out.


"Is he better in bed or something?"

My cheeks burned red. He must be really drunk if he thinks him and I have had sex together.


"That's why huh? Yeah, Teresa said that too." He looked away from my eyes and I felt like I could breathe again.

"I didn't say that." I said.

I needed to get away. He doesn't know the full story and he's too drunk to understand. And apparently I don't know the full story about this Teresa girl, but I know damn well I have nothing in common with her.

"You didn't have to say that, Caitlin. I knew you were thinking it." He lifted up his hand and I flinched, but I didn't notice he had a can of alcohol in that hand.

He laughed a horrible sounding laugh. Like he was making fun of me.

"Thought I was going to hit you?" He paused to take a swig and the smell of the drink was very loud. "Idiot." He muttered.

My heart dropped into my stomach.

He's just drunk Cait, be doesn't mean these hurtful thing he's saying. If anything you deserve this.

I started to walk away as I felt tears stinging my eyes.

"Bye for now Cait. Have fun with Noah... or whatever the asshole's name is."

I ran down the stairs almost tripping over the last one and ran into the downstairs bathroom.

I started sobbing into my hand. I tried to control my breathing as much as I could but it was worthless.

After my 10 minute breakdown, I felt my hands tremble as I tried my best to wipe away my tears.

Sniffling, I wiped my eyes and looked at myself in the mirrors.

With shame I studied my red cheeks and puffy eyes, and suddenly I knew what I had to do.


Thanks for reading! This story is almost over so hold your weaves because shit is about to go down lmao. xx

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