The dinner 2.0

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The setting was casa del Castillo, a massive three-storey house on the edge of Warlington overlooking a beautiful beach. The enormous house solely built to accommodate the del Castillo family towered over the small houses of Warlington, such that it was visible from the town centre. The house was intimidating outside just as it was inside. Standing inside, Charlie felt his intestines tie themselves into a not. But it wasn't the house that was making him nervous. He'd been there many times before. It was sitting there knowing Patrick had taken a massive decision that would surely not please his parents that was making birds crash against his stomach.

Just a couple of days after telling Charlie his plan, Patrick had invited him to dinner. He had news to announce. Charlie knew what was going to be said.

Dinner started off great. Everyone but one seemed delighted to have him again for dinner. The food was delicious. Fabiola didn't leave this time. She sat there, occasionally giving Charlie looks.

Patrick thought it wise to speak after everyone had finished dinner. Dessert could wait. This was important. Maybe some people wouldn't stomach their dessert after what he had to say, but he had to say it soon or he was going to burst. He needed them to know.

"Uh...everyone, can I just have your attention please?" He spoke above Marco and Denis' bickering.

"Wait till Zeus turn..." Denis continued talking.

"Denis...two minutes and I'll let you go on arguing about your kids," Patrick said.

Denis rolled his eyes, but showed that he was waiting for Patrick to speak. There was silence around the table. Patrick swallowed thickly.

"Charlie and I have decided to move to Sydney," he informed his family.

You could hear a pin drop. Patrick didn't fail to notice the horror-look on Fabiola's face.

"What?!" Maria Valdez finally said.

"You just moved back here," Mr. del Castillo said.

"I know.'s best for Charlie and I to move."

"Are you running away from me? I'm leaving in two weeks," Denis joked.

"Ha-ha, funny," Patrick said. "Sydney has more opportunities, for Charlie too. Sydney is not in another country. I'll visit."

Mr. del Castillo nodded. "I can't say I'm happy about you leaving, but you have to do your own thing. As much as I'd love to have you all under one roof, we can't keep you here. Good luck in Sydney son."

Maria Valdez looked sad. "Just when I thought at least one of my sons would be with me..."

"Mama, I'll be in Sydney. I'll visit a lot more than you want to me to."

"Well I'm still sad."

Fabiola groaned. This was not how she'd envisioned things would go. This was not part of the plan. Patrick was supposed to break up with Charlie. She'd read the ethical guidelines properly before having the meeting with the director of the hospital. She'd told him explicitly the nature of Patrick and Charlie's relationship. Patrick was supposed to dump the trash he was dating.

"Can't believe you are just letting him leave," she sneered.

"Patrick is old enough to decide where he wants to live," Mr. del Castillo barked.

Fabiola gave a dark chuckle. Patrick may have thought he'd won, but she had another ace up her sleeve. "Ask him the real reason why he's leaving. Aren't you all wondering why he's leaving so suddenly?"

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