Warning Wattpadians

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Hi, Wattpadians!

I know this isn't the story any of y'all were expecting to be posted, but meep. 

Lane + Matthias = Latthias

Latthias + an alien = this story

You really do need to read Loving His Submission (the story of how Lane and Matthias met) before reading this story if you really want to get the whole experience of their lives together.  I know it's a long story, but apparently, it's really good (or I've been told lol) so it's worth the read.

This story is about Lane and Matthias entering parenthood, learning what it takes to raise a child, and realizing there is no such thing as being the 'perfect parents'. There is minimum drama, lots of fluff, obviously sexy time (I mean we're talking about Latthias so there has to be sexy time), and familiar faces that pop in for some show time. 

It'll be updated on Wednesdays only, Hump Day updates are back, yes. If anything comes up which keeps me from updating, I'll let you know beforehand like I usually do. 

With that being said, I really hope you enjoy this continued journey of Latthias and their little alien. 

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