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Mevin or Scomiche?

"Here." Kevin grabbed Mitch's hand and turned it over to place an egg in his palm.

Mitch stared at it for a moment before pulling it towards him to rub the soft shell with his left finger. "Kevin. I don't want another egg. Scott will just crush this one. Plus you need something for breakfast." Mitch said and went to hand the egg back to Kevin but was stopped.

"It's fine. We can keep it in here plus, I'll be OK without an egg today." Kevin closed his palm over the top of the egg and his fingers touched Mitch's hand. "Plus, I can make an incubator from raw materials."

Mitch sighed and he pulled his hand away to inspect the egg again. He then smiled and rubbed his fingers back over the shell. "Alright." He looked up to smile at Kevin before snuggling in his chest.


Mitch giggled as Kevin placed the egg in the incubator and closed the lid. He then stood back up and admired the way the surprisingly well made incubator looked from a distance.

"There you go, Tiny, you're own little incubator for your chicken to stay alive and be able to hatch properly and you can keep it in my room for as long as you like."

Mitch threw his arm around Kevin's torso and hugged him tightly for a good few seconds before backing away. "Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate it."

Kevin nodded and rubbed his hand over Mitch's back. "You're welcome, now, go back to Scott before he comes looking for you."

"Alright." Mitch stood on his tippy toes and he placed his lips to Kevin's cheek before jogging out of the house. He found Scott throwing throwing stars at a tree trunks so he ran over and stood at Scott's side. "How's your aim coming along?"

Scott lowered his arm and looked at Mitch for a second. "It's getting better." He half lied and attempting to throw a star at the trunk, the metal star swinging and scraping the tree just as a gust of wind came and went. "Fucking wind!" Scott yelled.

"Can I try?" Mitch asked and he took one of the stars without Scott's permission.

"What are you going to be able to do? Your left wrist is broken." Scott said and he stood up straight.

"Yea, I wonder why." Mitch muttered before pushing Scott away with his hip and standing in his place. He held the star in his left hand and stuck a finger in his mouth to coat it in his spit before holding the finger in the air for second before wiping his finger and grabbing the star with his right hand. He then turned to his side and held the star with his pointer finger and thumb in the middle of the star before tossing it off handily from the tree.

A gust of wind came in and pushed the star to where it stuck in the tree. Mitch smiled proudly and he turned to Scott who was staring at the star.

"How the hell?" Scott asked and turned to look at Mitch.

"I just tested to when the wind was coming in before I threw it in the direction opposite of the way the wind comes in. I used to throw throwing stars in high school and I learned pretty quickly. It's really fun. Can I teach you?" Mitch asked and he walked over to collect the stars.

Scott watched as Mitch walked back over to him, gesturing for him to hold out his hand. He then did so, holding his fingers up.

Mitch slid a throwing star in between Scott's fingers and made sure it was in the right place before moving his arm to the left and extending it. 

Scott waited until Mitch said it was OK and he brought his wrist back and flung the deadly star. The wind came in at the last second and moved the star until it hit the tree trunk and stuck in the bark. He stared in amazement and placed another star in his fingers before turning towards Mitch. "Well you teach me how to do this correctly?!"

Mitch smiled and he grabbed the half of the stars in Scott's hand.  "Sure." His teeth shone in the sunlight making Scott smile and lean forward to place his lips to Mitch's.


Inside the house, Kirstie sat against a tree, her hands clamped over her mouth as she tried to control her sobs. In her hand she held a pregnancy test from the many packs she had brought with her on the car ride and stared at the lines on the screen.  She bit back another choked sob and her tears slowly fell down her hand and onto her shirt. 

"Kirstie? Are you here?" Jeremy's voice bounced off of the trees making Kirstie gasp before standing up to climb up the tree she was leaning against. 

"Kirstie? We need to go back to Kevin and Avi."

Kirstie steadied her breathing like Avi had taught her and she attempted to curl into a ball to make herself smaller.  She heard Jeremy's footsteps crunching under the leaves before they stopped and descended from the tree.  She let out her held in breath and turned her head one way to make sure Jeremy wasn't near before looking the other way.  She saw Jeremy's face right in front of hers making her scream and tumble off of the branch.  Luckily, Jeremy caught her wrist and carefully placed her on the ground before he climbed down the tree himself. 

"What are you doing out here?" He stepped closer to Kirstie and placed his hands on her waist.  "Have you been crying? Did you have an anxiety attack? " Jeremy cooed and he pulled Kirstie close and placed his lips to her temple before kissing her nose down to her lips. 

"N-No. Well, maybe but I need to tell you something, Jeremy." Kirstie whispered and took a step back from Jeremy. She opened her mouth and said the words. 


Scott flinched as he heard a squeal and he jerked his head behind him.  He then took off running towards the source of the sound, hearing Mitch behind him and the Kevin and Avi behind Mitch.  He turned a few times behind trees before he found Kirstie and Jeremy hugging each other.  "Why the hell did you yell?!"

Jeremy looked towards the others and he set Kirstie down from where he was holding her three feet in the air.  "We're going to be parents!" He said happily.

Mitch froze and his face turned in confusion before he let it relax and hung his head.  "I'll be an uncle!" He screeched and ran forward to tackle Kirstie in a hug. 

Kevin and Avi were next to cheer, running towards Jeremy and the three hugged each other tightly as they laughed and brought Kirstie and Mitch into the group hug. 

Scott's face turned red with anger and he went towards the hug circle and grabbed Kirstie's arm to pull her out of the hug. "Are you fucking crazy?!" Everyone went quiet and they stood in a somewhat straight line as they stared at Scott, Mitch grabbing onto Kevin's arm and Avi keeping Jeremy back before the tallest male did something crazy.

"W-What are you talking about?" Kirstie stuttered and she yanked her arm out of Scott's grip before backing up until she hit Jeremy's chest. 

"Kirstie, you're fucking pregnant! We can't go to the city in order for you to deliver in nine months; none of us know how to deliver a baby! Plus, where are we going to get everything to even take care of the child? We have to take an entire week to go back to the city, get diapers and shit and come back! It's going to be difficult to even get everything at once and be able to escape back out to this forest." Scott yelled and his face turned redder and redder until it reached down his neck and under his shirt. 

"Scott, calm down. We have nine months to get a plan." Kirstie whispered, her hand clasping down on top of Jeremy's that was covering the mark Scott left when he had grabbed Kirstie. 

"I can go into the city and find Travis and I can pay him to get everything for us. I've lived in Cali since I was born, I know all the alleyways and freeways; it won't be hard for me to maneuver and not get caught. And to keep the stress on Kirstie low, I can bring Mitch since he has an incredible sense of clothes and everything fashion wise and he can go with Travis to get the baby clothes and diapers."

Mitch blushed at the compliment and he hid himself behind Avi since he knew if he got any closer to Kevin, Scott would lash out at him.

"No, no fucking way. I'm not leaving Mitch with Travis or you and that's final." 


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