Chapter Twenty Two

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"Maybe you're just to picky!" Mom says shoving what seems to be the hundredth dress that I turned down back on the rack. 

"I don't want nothing to tight that I can't dance in or hardly even walk. It also has to be something white and formal. So nothing 'trashy' looking. The night Lance and I get married, after the dinner, we're going to complete the ceremony for the pack. My pack will already be there and we basically take the vows of his becoming Alpha. That's private and for no one but Dark Moon to witness. It's not my fault I want to look presentable! Besides, maybe I should go and pick out a dress!" I state, now getting pissed off.

Mom huffs as I walk past her and into the sea of mostly white dresses. 

I look around, not really knowing what I am looking for. People say you'll know when you see it. Then you'll know for sure when you put it on. I am hoping it's the same for me.

I shuffle through dresses and pick a strapless white dress up that has a sweetheart neckline. The top dress looks to be in a draped style before meeting a sewed on diamond belt before flowing out. I shuffle through the rack until I find the dress closest to my size before gently draping it over my arm.

I turn back around, ready to try on the dress when one catches my eye.

It's the last of it and in my size surprising enough. Is strapless and in a sweetheart neckline. The upper part is laced over with diamond designs. It looks like just above this hips is when it starts to flow out.

"Oh what the hell?" I whisper to myself, picking up the dress, draping it over the previous dress. 

I try on the first dress I picked out. I take one last look in the mirror before walking out to show mom and Laura.

"Oh, sweetie, you look beautiful." Mom says, no longer mad.

"She's right, Aubrey." Laura says, a smile also on her face.

I turn around and stand in the mirror. The dress for sure shows off my curves and seems to fit perfectly. The dress for sure is beautiful. But I don't like how the belt is right on my belly button and starts to flow out then. It feels awkward. This dress isn't for me. But I am sure it's for someone else.

"I don't think this is the one. I am going to try on the other dress I picked out." I say before walking back into the changing room. I carefully take off the dress and put it back on the hanger. 

I take the other dress off and gently put it on. I have the helper lady zip the dress up before turning around. My breath gets stolen for me as I do. The dress complements my tanned skinned perfectly. The lace and diamond designs seem to bring out my green eyes. The upper part of the dress hugs my curves nicely. The lace and diamonds stop right at my hips and flows out elegantly, gently touching the floor. 

"I think that's the one, miss." The lady says, looking just as awe struck as I am. 

"I think so as well." I agree with a nod.

"Wait right here, miss, and I'll get you a pair of heels that will match perfectly." The lady says before quickly hurrying off. 

"Simple, yet elegant." The same lady states, handing me a box.

I open the box and smile at her choosing. It really was a perfect choice. Simple white 3.75 inches heels, open toe. 

I slip the shoes on and stand back up. "You were right. It's perfect." I state turning back to her and offering her a hug, which she gladly accepts. 

I walk out and mom and Laura look up. I see their breaths get taken away as well. 

"That's the one." Mom whispers as she slowly stands up and walks towards me.

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