Chapter 29 - British boys & leaving

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"Jace, I didn't want him to come! He just kind of...invites himself. And then left. And now he is going to show up and be rude and I don't know what to do, because I just don't want to deal with him. Tonight should be about meeting Louis," I rambled.

Jace frowned as he handed me a carrot to chop. "It's whatever, Norah. I just thought you'd be stronger than that."

"I'm trying, okay? I'm trying. He just...I don't know. He has this effect on me that I really can't explain."

"You love him?"

I chewed on my lip. "Yeah, I mean...yeah. In a fucked up way. Yeah."

He let out a slow breath and went back marinating the steaks, while I started tossing the salad. Louis would be here in thirty minutes, and Harry in an hour. So I had an hour to mentally prepare myself for his presence.

We finished cooking, and Jace went to get changed, while I started the steaks and attempted to not burn them. It probably wasn't going to end well, and judging by the fact that my roommate got ready in less than five minutes, he knew it as well.

He slipped back on his pink chefs apron and grabbed the tongs out of my hand. "You, shoo, out of my kitchen."

I didn't need to be told twice. I scurried out and into my bedroom to find an outfit to change into, finally deciding on black skinny jeans, a tan sweater, and black heels that were at least four inches tall and would make my height somewhat reasonable.

As I finished swiping on the last of the mascara, the doorbell rang. I took off in a sprint, hoping to beat Jace there, and rounded the corner a few seconds ahead of him without even tripping over my heels. He squealed for me to stop as I approached the door and flung it open, enveloping our guest in a hug.

"You must be Louis!" I cooed, pulling away to take him in. His cerulean eyes stared back at me curiously, and his brown hair was now sticking up in multiple directions from my assault. Black tattoos poked out around his collarbones, spelling out words I couldn't quite read.

He was wearing black skinny jeans, rolled up to show off his tattooed ankles and white converse. A printed maroon t-shirt clung to his fit torso, and over that a jean jacket. His hair was spiked up into a messy quiff that seemed as if it took quite some time to manage.

"And you must be Norah," He smiled. "Jace doesn't shut up about you."

"Jace never really shuts up."

"Ah, I thought it was just around me." He poked his head around me to look at his boyfriend. "J, do you flirt shamelessly with Norah as well?"

I threw my arm around Louis' shoulder and gave him a smile. "Oh, you two even have nicknames. Now come into our humble adobe and drink our cheap wine and eat our steak."

"Cheap wine is the best wine," He smirked.

My mouth dropped open and I turned to Jace. "He's a keeper."

They smiled and intertwined their hands as we walked back into our kitchen, where the steaks were almost done and three glasses of wine were already poured. We sat and talked and sipped our wine as the steaks cooked, and I interviewed Louis and tried to be intimidating, but by the small smiles he was giving me, it wasn't working.

Louis was an actor working on Broadway. He hadn't had any major roles, but was currently an understudy for some huge show that I didn't catch the name of. Jace hovered over him adoringly with a look in his eyes I had never really seen him give anyone before.

Soon, too soon, the doorbell rang. I downed my glass of wine and stalked towards it, opening it to reveal a miraculously dressed Harry Styles with my favourite bottle of wine in his hands and the usual smirk pulled over his face.

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