= Chapter 13 =

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" The best relationships are the ones you never expect."

-Jeremy Lockhart


Dashing towards the nearest male toliet, I pushed the doors open with full force. Almost immediately, I heard loud panting and choking coughs. Laughter filled the air too, but they were evil ones for sure.

"Please stop...pl-ea-" a familiar voice begged breathlessly.


"To bad for you, I'm not kind today." A malicious voice roared with laughter accompanying it.

"Well, neither am I." I gritted angrily at the scene displayed in front of me. A blonde boy was holding Mateo firmly by the neck, placing Mateo's face right above the toilet bowl. A ginger haired boy beside the blondie, gave me a smirk while the brunette boy crossed his arms challenging.

Without hesitation, I grabbed the blondie's collar and held him against the wall. I was surprised by the amount of strength I had, it must have been from all my anger.

"Just leave and go back from where you came from girlie." The brunette boy snapped.

"If you mess with my boyfriend, then get prepared to be choking too." I released the blondie and stepped towards the brunette till I was face to face with him.

"How could Mateo have such a fine ass girl like you?" The ginger haired boy licked his lips wet which made me quiver in disgust.

"Unlike you, he's not a dick."

"You can't blame us that we bully him, he's weird!!" The brunette boy simply said as if it was normal. I noticed how Mateo fisted his hands, he glared at the the boy who said that. He seem to have a sudden rush of courage and frustration, I expected Mateo to punch the the boy like what most guys would do.

Mateo pushed the brunette boy hard against the wall of the cubicle, both their faces were inches were apart.

" I'm not weird, I just fall outside your exceptionally narrow view of the world." Mateo gritted out with a smirk before wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Let's go babe" he gave me a cheeky smile before pulling me out of the toliet, leaving all three boys speechless.

This boy is one of a kind.


" So they bully you because they think you're a nerd?" I concluded.

"I would prefer the term intellectual badass." He grinned while tapping his head with his finger, I rolled my eyes in response.

Suddenly, he gripped my wrist which prevented me from waking any further. I glanced at him in confusion. He stared ahead with his mouth slightly apart. I followed the direction he was looking at and it landed on a girl with curly strawberry blonde hair. She wore pink frilly dress and had a cute smile plastered onto her rosy cheeks.

Love is in the air...

"Is my boyfriend crushing on another girl?" I crouched next to him, pretending to seem annoyed.

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