~Part 6~

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~Sorry for the slow updates schoolwork is taking up all my time. Also I wanna say that YoonMin is my fav ship in BTS n TaeGi is my 2nd fav. I also don't hate Jimin and this whole story was inspired by a photo I saw of Yoongi, Tae and Jimin where Jimin looked overprotective of Yoongi and Tae looked lost.


Yoongi took a deep breath as he prepared himself to go inside the house. "Be strong and be ready." Yoongi whispered to himself before knocking on the door.....

Yoongi knocked on the door and waited about 10 minutes without anyone coming to the door. 'Maybe Jimin isn't home and I can just go inside get my things and leave in peace' Yoongi thought to himself, walking over to the plant pot where the spare key was hidden. "Got it!" Yoongi said holding up the spare key. Yoongi took a deep breath, put the key in the door and turned it. "Here I go." He said, opening the door. Yoongi stepped into the dark house and locked the door behind him before walking to the room he used to share with Jimin, slowly opening the door Yoongi crept quietly into the room. "Jimin are you home?" Yoongi said looking round trying to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room.....


'Yoongi is such an idiot' Jimin thought to himself as he followed Yoongi down the hallway and watched as he crept into the room  they used to share 'This is going to be fun'  He smirked as Yoongi's voice drifted out of the room "Jimin are you home?" Jimin decided to  use this question as his opportunity quietly opening the door and creeping up behind the older male. Using his hand to cover Yoongi's mouth so he cannot scream Jimin leaned in to whisper into  his ear "I'm right here baby boy." Before throwing Yoongi onto the bed next to them and climbing on top  of him, Yoongi's eyes widened in shock "W-W-What are you doing Jimin?" He stammered. "I warned you what would happen, but you still came alone you stupid little slut." Jimin growled, pulling a pair of black fluffy handcuffs and a black and red mouth gag out of the draw next to him "Be a good boy or I will have to punish you." He whispered as he cuffed Yoongi's hand to the bed pole above his head and fastening the gag around his mouth so Yoongi cannot make a sound. Jimin's hands crept down the older boys body before reaching to grab a pair of scissors and cutting Yoongi's shirt off of his body causing muffled protests to escape from the boys mouth. "Shut up slut. If I hear another noise coming from you, you will be in a lot of trouble." Jimin spat moving down to the boys pants. Discarding the scissors, Jimin removed Yoongi's belt and undid the button before sliding the tight material off  of the boys milky legs, revealing his bright pink boxers. Yoongi starts to panic kicking out his legs to try push Jimin away causing Jimin to tie his feet to the bottom of the bed. "I thought I told you to be a good boy, I'm going to have to punish you now." Jimin growled before tearing Yoongi's boxers of and placing his cock at Yoongi's entrance. Feeling Jimin's cock entering his hole Yoongi froze, an involuntary tear running down his cheek......

~Sorry again for the slow update and im sorry its so crap, next update will happen THIS IS NOT THE END~ 

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