chapter two

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Im still thinking about what my sister had said..about aimee..wanting me to get back..

After everything she did how could she think that i want to be with her again...

It was too much..

I endure the pain for almost 9 years..

Never did i feel that she was happy with me.
Everytime were together..she was always in a hurry..

Always wanted to leave..

Always thinking of someone else and not me...

How could that be love...

it was all selfishness..

everytime i think about her
I felt stupid..
How could i be so dumb..

She was never faithful to me...

I was never her first priority.but she was always been..

I did everything..even if it was beyond my limits..
I did it ...with my eyes unopened..

Cause i always thought..she was the only person who could love me..

i was so afraid to be alone..

So i intended to be with her...

Even if it was a mess

Until time had come..
I became who i was now..
It was because of her...

Her wills..
Her wants

I let her dictate everything..even if i dont want...

I took a course which is againts me..

I became a doctor..

Even if i wanted to be a teacher..

And now..
it  was finally over...

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