chapter one

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How could you tell anybody that you just fell inlove of someone because of her unique scent..

I was at the grocery store..when someone passed behind me..
That was very unusual made me follow her..until we reached the counter..
I pretended paying for something..
Funny..i was carrying a shaver..
She looked at me..and look what i was holding..

I sweat..a lot..
Seeing her name plate..
Her family name was mindara..
I smile at her..but she didnt smile back..

I move closer to her..but she moved away when she noticed that i was too close to her already..

She walk so fast as she took the shopping bag with her..i wanted to follow her..but it would look so weird..

I was already on my car when my sister called me..

Sis: kim?
Where are you?

Kim: on my way home..why?

Sis: can you drop by to a dvd store?

Kim: ok..just text me the title of the movie you want me to buy..

Sis: ok..

While im at the dvd store..
Somebody bumped on me..for the second was her..

Kim: so.sorry..

She was holding her wrist..

i thought she was hurt..

Kim:are you alright?

She nod.. sorry again..i didnt see you coming..

Her: its ok.

Then she walked away..but this time...i chase her..

Kim: wait..

Her: huh?

Kim: im kim..
May i know your name?

Her: why?

Kim: ahm...i..i think...i think i wanna know you..

Her: pie..

kim: pie...nice name..

She turned away without smiling...
And then drove away..

Kim: pie...

i scratched the back of my head..then laugh secretly..

While watching the movie with my sister..i cant stop ...remembering her face..

Sis: what are you smiling?

Kim: nothing..just remember someone..

Sis: aimee? ex who left me because of that guy she meet in macau 7 months ago..

Kim; i already forgot about her..

Sis: but she didnt..she still ask her ...she said she wanted to see you..

Kim: just let was her choice..

Sis: you just saying that because youre still.mad.. already freed her..

Sis: its been 5 months one had a chance to moved on in that very short time.
Youve been with her for almost 9 years.

Kim: and in that 9 years..i didnt even meet one of her family..she wasnt.proud of me.

Sis: you must understand her situation kim..

Kim: what about me???

Sis: calm down..i was just stating.

Kim: ok..enough of this ...were need to talk about her..

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