daniel ;

"hey daniel look its that girl that looks like your girl" zach said screaming causing everyone to turn around including the girl

"zach stop pointing at her shes staring" jonah said as he nudged his shoulder

"she looks so much like aliyah guys" i said as i stared at the gorgeous girl across from me

her brown eyes stared deep into mine as we walked over

"if your gonna ask for her name you better go now shes leaving" jonah whispered as he walked up with the guys

just as i was about to walk over to her she was no where to be found her it could've been her for all i know but now i won't

"she left before i could even talk to her" i said approaching jonah

"im so bro don't worry it probably wasn't her" jonah said hugging me

"thanks whatever lets go take pictures" i said walking over to zach and corbyn

"thanks whatever lets go take pictures" i said walking over to zach and corbyn

after 30 minutes of different poses we decided to make our way back to lax

"DANIEL" zach screamed as he pointed at a short girl outside of starbucks

it was her the same girl we've seen earlier

"GO" jonah said pushing me closer to her

"hi im daniel" i said smiling

"-uh i got to go" she said as she covered her face leaving me standing alone

"yoo what happened" corbyn said as he stood next to me

"i don't know i just told her my name and she left" i said shaking my head

"girls are so confusing" jack said joining in the conversation


all i could think about was off the girl that looked like aliyah as i sat in the airport seating area



quick question where did your parents decide to take you for spring break?
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uh aliyah you there??
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"hey jonah should i be worried if i just asked aliyah where she was and she ignored me and stopped answering" i asked

"kinda i mean we just saw someone who looked like her what if it was" he said getting up from his seat

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