We had made it to Peter Vincent's place and he had poured himself a drink. "I'll tell you what I know. Don't expect me to join your little Scooby gang." Peter said as he was walking towards us. "Look, whatever you got, we'll take it." Charley said as him, Amy, and I sat down. "That insignia you showed me. It's a species that originated in the Mediterranean. They nest in the earth. And they kill slowly. They keep their victims alive for days. Snackers." Peter says as he took a swig of his drink. "And they turn everyone? They change them into..." Charley started but I cut him off. "We got it." I said, speaking for Amy and myself.

"They're tribal by nature. He could be trying to turn them all. Replenish his ranks." Peter continued, spitefully. "Look, how do we kill these guys? This tribe." Amy asked. I have a feeling that it's gonna take more than the three of us. "You three? You don't. It's a strong breed. You're gonna need an army." Peter said, snickering. Then, his phone rang and he answered it.


"Mr. Vincent..."


"You have a delivery."

"All right. Send him up."

Then he hung up.

"Ginger, we got a delivery!" Peter exclaimed to his assistant, Ginger. "I'm watching my program. You get it!" Ginger yelled back. "You're TiVo-ing it, you lazy cow! Come on!" Peter yelled back.

Oh, how charming.

Ginger came out. "Douchebag." Ginger hissed, flipping him off and he flips her off as well. Ginger turns to my brother. "Hi doll." she said as she was getting the door. Amy and I look at Charley with raised eyebrows. "EBay. I order things late at night when I've had a few cocktails. So, yeah, some nice stuff." Peter said. "Wait, you get deliveries late at night?" I asked him. "Yeah. No. I don't know." Peter replied back. "Oh, shit. No. You said a guy could come in. That's a..." Charley started but then I heard a voice that made my heart drop down to my stomach. "An invitation, airhead." I heard that familiar voice. I turned around and what I saw made me gasp with a hand over my mouth and tears welling up in my eyes.

Ed was in a delivery guy's uniform...and he's a vampire.

"Hey, Mr. Vincent, package for you." Ed said, throwing the package at Peter. Then the phone rang. "Hold on, guys. Business call." Ed said, picking up the phone.


"Oh yeah."

"No. I'm looking at them right now."

"Yeah. Come on up."

Then he hung up.

"He's actually quite modern. Jerry dispensed with all that "master" stuff. No wonder why he became obsessed with you, Katie." Ed said as I took a shaky breath in. "Look, Ed, if you have a problem, just keep it with me, okay?" Charley said. "Oh, do I have a problem? You let him get to me, like you have been letting him get to your own little sister. You let him turn me into this, just as he is going to do with her." Ed said as he hissed, baring out his fangs. I heard glass break and when I turned around, Peter was holding a crucifix.

"Stay away, demon." Peter growled. "Is that itsy-bitsy little sticky for me?" Ed asked in a baby tone. "It's a crucifix nail. It's lethal to you." Peter said. "Yeah. That's old school. Nice! You're going to have to get pretty close to use that thing, though." Ed growled. Peter uses the remote to open the door to a panic room. He screamed as he was running towards it. "Oh, no you don't." Ed said, chasing after him. With his distraction, Charley, Amy, and I escaped.

Charley, Amy, and I ran down the hallways, but we stopped when we had neared Ginger's body. "Oh, my God." Amy gasped out. "Look, there's more than one way out and there are a million weapons that we could fight with." I said, trying to calm Amy down. "We're going to be alright." Charley said, reassuring his girlfriend. We had gone down another hallway, but we stopped when it was blocked. "Dammit." Charley hissed. "Give it up, Chuck." I heard Ed say. "Come on." I whispered as we hid behind one of the glass cases that were filled with weapons.

"If you hadn't turned out to be such a dick, I might've tricked you out. We could've rocked this evil shit together." Ed said. My heart was slowly breaking. After days of one of my best friends being missing, he was a vampire and killing innocent people all along. "I expected more of a fight from you, Brewster. Girl's made you lazy in the head. Pussy will do that. I could hear you breathing. It's really fucking cool. I can feel you. I can taste you." I was hearing Ed say. Amy, Charley, and I looked at each other as we pushed the glass case down. "Ah, fuck!" Ed exclaimed as the glass case landed on top of him. That's when Charley, Amy, and I made our escape.

"Not so fast, Chuck." Ed said as we turned around. Charley had grabbed a dagger. "We've got some catching up to do, my friend." Ed said. Charley tells Amy and I to go and after a while, I tugged on Amy's arm and we had went down the hallway.

We had went down a hallway and I saw a glass case that had a revolver in it. I used my elbow to smash the glass and Amy picked up the revolver. As she was filling the revolver with bullets, someone had caught my eye. "Amy." I breathed out. Amy turned around to see what I was looking at.

It was Jerry.

"I'm so glad you two are here." Jerry said. Amy cocks the gun and shoots it multiple times, but it had little to no affect on him. Jerry takes one of the bullets out from his shoulder. "Werewolves." he said, advancing towards us. Amy uses the gun to smash the glass and takes the goblet of Holy Water. "Vampires." Amy said as she splashes the water on Jerry. He had made an animalistic sound as Amy and I escaped.

We turned a corner and we found Ed trying to bite Charley. I spotted a mace, so I used it and I smashed Ed's chest with it, getting him off of my brother. "Your sister's got some juice." Ed growled as he stood up. His arm had been cut off and his head was also nearly off of his body. "Charley, he's here. Jerry's here." I warned him. Amy was telling Charley to kill Ed and Charley stabbed Ed with the wooden part of the broken axe through the heart. "It's okay, Charley. It's okay." Ed whispered as he crumbled into ash. A tear went down my face as I saw my best friend perish before my eyes.

"Come on. We found the stairs. We have to go." Amy said as she dragged Charley towards the stairs. We went down the stairs and we found ourselves in some kitchen and when we opened the door that is out of the kitchen, we stumbled upon a club. We were going through the dancing bodies and then Amy stopped him. "Wait. He can't kill us, not in here." Amy said. "Oh, really. Do you think any of these people are gonna notice?" Charley asked. I turned around and I saw Jerry looking at me. "Oh, God." I said as we started to maneuver our way through the club.

I had been separated from Charley and Amy due to the people that are dancing. "Charley! Amy!" I called out, hoping to get their attention. I turned around and Jerry was right by me. He grabbed me by the neck and lifted me over his shoulder. I could hear some of the men in the club cheering for Jerry. "Charley! Charley!" I screamed out. "Katie!" Charley yelled back.

He finally stopped at the bar and his hands were now on my neck. "You know that Charley's gonna come and find me." I breathed out. "I'm counting on it." Jerry said as he moves my hair to the right side of my neck, exposing the right side of my neck. "You see. I just need a taste." he whispered in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. He has his sharpened nail go into his finger. "It could be like a dream." he said as he smeared the blood over his mouth and he connects his lips with mine.

I can't hold my attraction for Jerry back anymore.

I kissed back.

"Attagirl." Jerry said, huskily, as he was now kissing down to my neck. I could now feel the fangs scraping against my neck and then he eventually bites my neck.

3rd POV:

Amy and Charley were trying to find Katie, but then they were stopped by a security guard. "How did you two get in here?" he asked. "Look, you gotta help us. He's dangerous and he is going to kill her." Amy said and the security guard turns around to see Jerry and Katie making out. "Yeah, I don't think so." he said. "Listen, man. He is going to kill her." Charley said as him and Amy tried to advance towards the bar and his heart broke when he saw the life of Katie getting drained out of her and Amy's heart broke for Charley.

She knows how special Katie is to her boyfriend and now she is turning into the vampire by the guy that has been clearly obsessed with her.

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