Chapter Thirty-Five: Keary

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I sighed in frustration. Hmm, "Perhaps we should go about this a little differently." I said to Fay.

She cocked her head, "What do you mean by that?"

I ignored the question and turned to face the princess, who's eyes were shut tight in an effort to ignore the pain. I walked over to her and took her arm from Fay. Then, I roughly grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at me. I looked over at the young soldier. He was bristling at my none too gentle treatment of his love.

I turned my attention back to Adira. "You're father has a powerful ring with the ability to freeze things. He keeps it hidden, and I want to know exactly where it is. I have my suspicions, but I want to know for certain."

She looked up at me and fairly yelled, "I don't know! If I did, don't you think I would have told you by now?"

Seeing that I wouldn't get any information out of her, I turned to the soldier. He was glaring at me and trying to stand up. I dropped the princess, made my way over to the soldier, and grabbed his shirt collar, raising him to eye level. I raised an eyebrow menacingly.

"Do you know where it is?" I moved my hand from his shirt collar to his throat, and squeezed.

His eyes pleaded with me, he managed to gasp out, "We don't know. Please, just let us go."

I dropped him to the ground where he slumped on the ground miserably.

"Keary," Fay said, "maybe they really don't know."

I picked up a rock from the ground, and I stared at it for a second. Then, I angrily threw it at the side of the cave. "Then where is it?" I demanded.

Fay put her hands on her hips, "What I want to know, is why hasn't the king sent more soldiers out after us? You'd think he'd at least want his heir to the throne back."

"True." I looked over to where the princess had crawled over to the soldier and they were talking. I approached them and they looked up in apprehension. "One last chance. Will you tell me where the ring is?"

The princess and the soldier looked at each other, then looked up at me. They both answered almost simultaneously, "No."

I turned away from them for a moment, then delivered a hard kick to the soldier's side. I could hear him groan as I walked past Fay and out of the cave. I looked up where the stars were circling in their courses. I wished life could be as simple as that. Just going along an assigned path. But unfortunately, life was not so easy.

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