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(Well where back at it again...anyways.

I saw a man walk in and gave me a smile he told me and Tae to get dressed for the shoot I nodded and went into a dressing room..I saw a white shirt and ripped black jeans I got dress and went out of the room.some stylist did my hair..Tae was ready just standing there waiting..he looked hot with the Black v-neck on and similar pants to mine,after that I went over to Tae p, he looked at me with the cutes smile and told me.. "Are you ready?" I nodded then stood next to him the director looked at us and said "Perfect I'm going to need you to look at each on..Kookie i'm a need you to put ur hand on Tae chest and the other one over ur mouth and look at me and Tae put ur arm around his waist" We both nodded and do as we were told..Tae chest was hard I mean..damn (damn is right) I looked at the camera and they took a couple pictures of us in different the time we finished it was ten o'clock. I went a put my normal clothes on and was about to start walking out out I heard Tae's voice   "Hey You want me to give you a ride?" He said softly I shook my head he smiles and said "Alright let's go" We walked to his car I got into the passenger seat and put my seat belt on..we didn't say anything through out the whole ride..soon as I got home I got out the car and waved him good bye he smiles and waved back and left..I sighed and seat on the steps on the stairs "Ugg..what I'm i feeling right now?".

(HI PEEPS AYSHA HERE sorry I had caps on anyway sorry for the short chapter again..but the next one is going to be pretty long so I hope your ready Laterr.,) -A

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