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Have you ever felt the need to talk to someone? To express what you feel, to cry aloud, to shout out your heart and to be “heard “?  I always felt this urge within me. Being in a metropolitan city, it was very difficult for me to find a trustworthy person who can always listen to me and guide me all the way. I’m sure many of you have been through the same situation. Everyday has its own pros and conc. I always wondered why it is so difficult to get along with people. Why we don’t wish the person who is walking just beside us?  Why do we feel left out? There can be many factors which upsets the human mind such as busy schedule , health disorders, relationship breakdowns, financial crisis, unmet needs etc.. Whatever the reason is we always run behind finding a solution or search for a person who can put a end to all problems and comfort us with open arms.

I would like to introduce a person who is one among us – Rinilda, a fashion designer who designs fabric for a reputed company. Her job is stressful and she works 24/7 to ensure her costume is a success in the market. Besides this Rinilda is a widow and is blessed with two wonderful children. Though her job requires a lot of socialization, she is reserved and does not entertain friends. She is cheerful but not fun loving. It may be because she lost her husband and could not bear his separation. One day as she walks inside her office, she finds a letter which says “you are fired “. Rinilda bursts into tears as this job means a lot to her and it is her livelihood. Speechless!  She drives back home cursing everyone she sees. As she reached her apartment she through herself on the bed and weeps bitterly. Just a few minutes later she receives a call from her friend who says “Hey Riny, I know you are upset, but what don’t you have a cup of coffee with your husband. I think it’s a good idea, take care! Bye! And hangs the phone.  Rinilda was surprised by these words and wondered how she can talk to her husband who is invisible but something forced her to walk up to the kitchen as she lit the gas and prepared two cups of coffee, one for her and the other for – MR. INVISIBLE!

As she drank the coffee she spoke aloud ‘Why is this happening to me?” “How will I bring up my kids?” She spoke to for a longtime, cried and wiped her tears, trying to answer all her unanswerable questions while she sipped her last sip of coffee. It was then she remembered that she used to love writing letters to her husband and realized how good she was in writing. She smiled and decided to start her career in editorial field and felt a sense of relief as she slept on the sofa. Morning as she woke up she was confused if she really spoke to her husband or it was just a imagination. She browsed her call logs to find out if she really received a call from her friend.

Sometimes we do face these kinds of situations; it leaves us blank what happened the previous day. We all think it is a psychological disorder but it’s simple. When asked to a final year BSC psychology student , she states “It happens to people who either do not have friends to share their feeling with or to ones who lost their loved one and cannot replace them, its at this point of time a human imagines that he too has a person to whom he can share his feelings with. This imaginary person can either be a loved one who passed away or a person who has never been in this world. Sounds strange! It can also be termed as a battle between a person’s heart and his conscious. Visible people may find faults in us or judge us for our mistake but Mr. Invisible wouldn’t do that. The fear of being judged as well can lead a person to have an imaginary friend.”

In medical terms this is called hallucinations.  Where a person imagines that they are able to talk to people who are literally not present and hear their voices as well. It can be termed as a mental disorder but as long as we find solutions and a person who always listens to us, it’s not harmful. Hallucinations can be god as well.

Are you ready to drink a cup of coffee too????