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Secret Love (the Remake)

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I sat peering down at the news i had to take in,Only seconds before opening the letter i had been the happiest girl alive.I was'nt going to let it spoil my prom especially as it was such a big deal to my bestie Ryan.Ryan decide to go to one of the biggest events of his life with me as i didn't have anyone to go with i also wasn't going to share my news with anyone which would be hard as i shared everything with Ryan.I lived in a care home and didn't care about even wanting to see my parents,  why should  i they left me in a care home.

I pulled my ball gown over my head and could'nt fasten the zip so i shouted of Ryan who was waiting down stairs. "Ryan come here please" Ryan shot up the stair and asked what was wrong "nothing i replied i just wondered if you would be so kind as to zip up my dress" Ryan zipped up my dress and i said "thank you" he then ran down stairs not wanting to see what i looked like until i was finished.I then put on a little make up (mascara,eyeliner and lip gloss)Then put lose curls in my hair and slipped in a Tarra (a present from Ryan)and put on my silver high heels which i wore a Christmas.After getting dressed i walked elegantly down the stairs to where Ryan sat.

"O..M..G.. Miya.. you look fabulous, beautiful, gorgeous,Ama...".

My smile grew wider as i cheekily interrupted with words such as "Thank you ,you don't look so bad your self."

" can i have the honour of taking this princess to the ball."

"You may" i repleyed with my cheeky smile.

We chuckled leaving Ryan's house walking towards Ryan's car,Me and Ryan wern't drinking at the prom as i was staying the night at hes so we were having a drink when we got back.Ryan had decorated the car with a fancy ribbon on the front just like a wedding car.

Ryan opened the  car door for me and closed it after  helping  me in.

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