Chapter 26

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Lauren woke up in the middle of the night due to a crying Emiren. As she got out if bed, she looked over at a naked Camila who was gently snoring. Lauren smiled as she rolled her eyes before seeing to Emiren.

"Hey little nugget, what's the matter with you now?" Lauren asked as she carefully picked up Emiren from the basket and cuddled into her, slowly moving side to side as she hummed in  hope that Emiren's cries would fade.

No luck, Lauren sighed before walking to the bed where Camila was and woke her up.

"Huh? What year is it?" Camila sleepily asked as she sat up from the bed and saw Lauren and Emiren. "My poor baby, what's the matter?" Camila asked as she put her arms out, silently asking Lauren to give Emiren to her.

"She's hungry and unfortunately we dont have a breast pump to get breast milk from you... We really need to get one, maybes tomorrow?" Lauren spoke as she gave Camila the crying infant.

"I suppose so, but to be honest. I kind of like her using me as her only source for milk at the moment"

"I understand, I just meant in case you ever leave Emiren with me, then obviously having some of your milk already stored will be suitable, its not going to take over you feeding her" Lauren clarified as Camila nodded.

"Oh, okay then" she agreed as Emiren suckled onto Camila's breast as Lauren watched on. "You can go to sleep, this little princess will probably take her time" Camila spoke referring to Emiren.

"Nah, I'll stay awake until you finish" Lauren decided as she moved behind Camila and gave her a gentle back massage.

"I can't get over this" Camila spoke out loud, not really meaning to.

"How'd you mean?"

"This. You and I are engaged. We have a house together. We have also been blessed with this beautiful little princess" Camila answered.

"I'm very blessed" Lauren agreed as she kissed the back of Camila's neck before going around to sit near Camila again.

"Lo, she's finished, do you think you can put her back in her basket please?" Camila asked as Lauren happily done so.

"Goodnight little chicken" Lauren whispered as she placed Emiren in the basket, planting a soft and gentle kiss on the baby's forehead. She then made her way back to the bed, and shuffled around before being the big spoon to Camila's little spoon.

"I love you" Camila sleepily slurred.

"I love you too my stunning lady, now get some rest" Lauren replied back as her hand wandered to Camila's stomach, rubbing in a circular motion.

"Lo, I'm not pregnant, what are you doing?"

"Not pregnant yet, but I don't know, is it annoying you?"

"No, it feels good" Camila giggled.

"Go to sleep Camz"

"You go to sleep"

"I'll go to sleep after you do"

"Fine... Just so you know... I love you and I can't wait until I become Camila Cabello-Jauregui"

"Goodnight babe, I love you" Lauren spoke, silently thanking the good lord that Camila couldn't see Lauren blush.

Hours later Camila woke up and checked on Emiren, as she was sound asleep she decided to go downstairs and make breakfast for Lauren and herself.

Making her way around the kitchen with music from a radio playing, Camila lost herself in the music, which meant she wasn't aware that Lauren was watching her dance away.

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