Her Cage (poem)

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                                              Her tears fell like sweat form sad eyes.

               Trying to clear her mind, she opens her eyes to face the darkness that surrounds her.

                    she reaches out pale, clammy hands to touch the burning cold bars in front of her,

                    keeping her trapped in her memories.

                    Closing her eyes, banging aganst the cage,

                    howling and screaming for someone to save her.  Sitting back,

                    covering her ears to keep out the shouts and accusions.

                    You did this, they say,

                    It's all your fault.

                    Banging, screaming, wanting away from the voices, wanting just to get


                    to be free.

                    Finally with a scream of

                    IT WAS NEVER ME! 

                    a final kick, the bars break.

                    Slowly, she steps outside, a cry of relief escapeing her lips.

                    She runs away from the pain and the past,

                   and never



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