And people think I'M the idiot?!

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I sat on the couch, completely pissed off. Why? Unless, you reader, actually just started reading here, it's because Dark decides that:
1. It's okay to mark a human
2. It's okay to mark a human GIRL
3. He doesn't seem like he wants to kill her yet.
4. He's an asshole.
He's going to get attracted to her, then next thing you know, he's human, and Mark dies. Which means all of us die. Which is, in my opinion, VERY FUCKING BAD.
"Oh look, it's the man of the hour himself." I mutter, looking at Dark, who had just appeared. I clear my throat, and he looks over at me. "Hmm?"
"When?" I crossed my arms.
"When what?"
"When are you going to kill her, duh."
He glared at me, and I could tell he was already pissed off. "I'm not."
"What do you mean by 'you're not'?"
"It means I'm not killing her."
I sat there, stunned. Not. Killing. Her. I stare at him. "Have. You. Gone. Insane?!?"
He flipped me off and walked away. But oh no, I wasn't down with him yet. I teleport over and grab the back of his suit jacket, making him face me.
"Do you really want us all to die?" I growled, not letting go of his jacket.
"Well, I don't care if you die, personally."
"I swear to god I want to kill your 'marked girl' right fucking now."
"Lay one finger on her, and I will tear your throat out and make you eat it. No matter the goddamn consequences." The tension in the air was electric. I let out another growl, then let go and push him away at the same time. He glared at me, then teleported away. I stood there, steaming, then a idea came into mind. A good idea. A great idea.

A Warfstache Idea.

~Ohhh look at thatttt, Wilford is pissed, and I'm slightly scared. Well, again, short chapter, but I wanted to put something out. I promise the next chapter will be longer. I wonder....what is Wilford's idea?
Bye y'all!~

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