Chapter 8

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We run as fast as we can towards the gate, wanting to get out before we end up in the next bag. The gate comes into view and Kyle gets ahead of us to open it. He pushes on it but it doesn't budge. He pushes harder and kicks the bottom, the gate remaining closed.

"We're locked in," he says slowly.

"Out of my way," Danny pushes past Kyle to take a shot at the gate.


"Damn it!" He yells.

"Let me try again," Kyle says.

"Someone's coming," Liv shrieks.

We turn and see the same hooded man who
previously followed us.

"We need to find a different way out," I say. "There has to be one."

"We don't have time!" Danny says. "We need to climb over the fence!"

We grab hold of the chain link fence and start the ascent. I pull myself up slower than the others. Climbing has never been my strong suit. Liv and Danny swing their legs over the top of the fence to climb down the other side as Kyle reaches the top and looks down at me in horror.

"Mack, look out!" He yells, reaching his hand down for me to grab.

I feel a pain in my right leg, looking down to see my calf slashed open, blood oozing through my clothes. Kyle pulls me up and over the fence, helping me stand when we hit the ground.

Our hunter unlocks the gate and flings it open.

"I can't walk," I say.

Kyle lifts me up and starts running, our pursuer doing the same. We make turns through alleys to try to lose him and we get separated from Danny and Liv. Kyle moves us down the road until we find an empty house that's still fit for living. He lays me on the floor with my back against the couch and opens the bag.

"Liv and Danny must have their phones," Kyle says. "They're not in here."

"Call them and tell them where we are," I say.

He does as I tell him and begins to rummage through the bag.

"Did you not put a first aid kit in here?" He asks.

"There wasn't one at my house," I say. "Where was I supposed to get one?"

"I'll check around here," he says, walking into various rooms and tearing through the cabinets. He comes back empty handed a few minutes later.

"Nothing?" I ask.

He shakes his head.

"Does it hurt?" He asks.

"Like hell," I respond.

"Wait here," he says. "I'm gonna go across the street to that store and see if they have anything."

"Please be careful and quick," I beg.

"I will," he promises, bending down to kiss me before leaving.

Blood is leaking from my leg to the floor, the pain increasing. I grip the arm of the couch and grit my teeth, trying to get through the extreme discomfort. I attempt to breathe through it and I close my eyes. A couple minutes pass and the door opens. My eyes shoot up hoping to see anyone but the killer and I try to smile when I see Kyle.

"Not good," I say before he can ask.

"I got a couple of first aid kits," he says. "Just in case."

I nod and he rolls up my pant leg, the fabric of my leggings sticking to the drying blood.

"Squeeze my shoulder," he offers, pulling the bottom of my leggings up above the cut.

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