Day Two

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    The next morning, you wake to find yourself curled up in between Mihawk and Shanks who still seemed to be asleep for the time being. Sitting up, you crawl across the bed, sliding down onto the floor with a light thump. You look around the room for a few seconds before standing and walking out the bedroom door to see what you could find.

The house was magnificent, to say the least. All mahogany wood, granite countertops, and antique furniture. Everything was pristine and sleek, though none of it too modern as to throw off the almost eerie feeling it all gave. You had been surprised the night before, but now you were just plain awestruck at how beautiful it actually was. It confused you how it seemed that he lived alone in such a large home and also kept it as tidy as he did. You didn't know exactly where you were going in the home, just that you wanted to explore the place in greater detail. After wandering around for a little while, you found yourself in a large library, walls lined with shelves that were filled to the ceilings with thousands of books. A fluffy armchair sat in front of a small fireplace that wasn't currently burning, but even so the whole room felt cozy. Mihawk smiles a bit when he finds you there, deciding to lean on the doorframe and watch you silently for a bit.

You meander around the room, looking at the books that were at eye level for you. Finding one with a slightly worn cover, you stop, eyeing it for a few seconds before pulling it from the shelf. It was heavier than you had first thought, the weight of it knocking you slightly off balance causing you to fall down into a sitting position. Deciding that the floor was comfortable enough for the time being, you set the book on the floor in front of you, opening it and looking over the front pages curiously.

"That's a favorite of mine, by an author that wrote a few books, but was overlooked and faded away as a writer. This is the last book he wrote. And it's a masterpiece." He hums, easing over and crouching behind you. "I think you would like it." You jump a little, having become too absorbed in deciphering the first page of the book to notice he has been watching you. Tilting your head back, you look at Mihawk giving him a small smile.

"I bowwow?"

"Of course, be gentle with it please." He kisses the top of your head, picking you up and the book. "What would you like for breakfast? Law will be here soon." You take the book from his hand, cradling it against your chest happily.

"Pancake." You hum with a small smile.

"Alright," He carries you to the table and puts you in your chair before moving to start the pancakes, humming lightly. Setting the book beside you, you look over at Mihawk as he cooks, tilting your head as he hums.

"Wha' you think I be?" You ask after a little while, curious as to what job Mihawk thought you'd be good at once you had grown. It seemed to you that some demons knew almost immediately what they would be doing, like Kid, while others didn't find out until they had grown into their adult selves. Mihawk pauses, peering back at you.

"If I had to say. I think you would be very good at making contracts." He says after a while, soon bringing you the breakfast you requested. You start eating, mulling over what he had said. After a few bites you look up at him.

"That wha' Law does?"

"Yes, you have an ability to change people, you had it before you died that is..." He offers a shrug and Shanks shuffles in, pretty much sleep walking.

"Morning honey." He kisses Mihawk's cheek and pats his rear. Instantly a murderous aura comes over Mihawk.

"RedHair...." He rumbles lowly, fixing the demon with light glare. Shanks hums, eyes drifting open and widening at the other.

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