King Christian Above!

{Scarlett's POV}

I was in a peaceful sleep when a blaring noise startled me causing my eyes creak open. I quickly moved my hand over slamming the snooze button on the alarm multiple times. After it wouldn't shut up, I grabbed it and chucked it across the room hearing it shatter against the wall. Much better, I grin.

The smell of bacon hit my nose and my stomach grumbled angrily. When did mom buy bacon? Wait. I gasped jolting up and realizing I'm not home. Crap, I broke the alarm too!

I'm also five minutes late.

I threw the covers off me and got out of bed rushing to the dresser. I tugged a drawer open, pulling on some clothes and tied my hair in a messy bun. There was a knock at my door and my eyes widened.

"Come in!" I called digging around for my sneakers.

"Good morning, Scarlett, how'd you sleep?" Elizabeth asked and I managed a shrug as I hopped around trying to put my foot into the sneaker.

"Decently I guess." She nodded and held out an orange ugly vest as I finally got my shoes on. You've got to be kidding me.

"Put this on over your shirt you're working outside today." I looked at it and slowly grabbed it.

"Do I have to wear it? It's embarrassing enough as it is to be doing community service." I asked.

"Well... no, but community service people just usually wear it. It has its perks. You won't be bothered by anyone and you'll be able to keep to yourself." She said with a small grin trying to encourage me to wear it.

"I'll take my chances." She sighed, nodding taking it back.

"Fine. Breakfast is ready, come on." I nodded thinking of the delicious food they have because dinner last night was amazing.

I grabbed my hat, pulled it on and followed Elizabeth out the door. This should be fun! Note my sarcasm. As we were walking downstairs I noticed some guys were too.

"What up, fine thing." One said from behind me and I turned around looking at him like he was insane. 

"Was he talking to me?" I asked looking at Elizabeth who was trying to contain her laughter

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"Was he talking to me?" I asked looking at Elizabeth who was trying to contain her laughter. I watched as the boys walked off and I could only stand there shocked.

"Yes dear, they were." She started for the dining room once more and I shook my head following closely behind. "The audacity of the men here." I grumbled folding my arms.

When I walked into the dining room it was silent unlike last night, but it was when I realized that the alpha and beta sat in here talking, that I understood why.

"Just get your food and eat quickly. I'll join you and then show you to where you're working today." We went to a part of the dining room where all the food was served buffet style.

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