Chapter 37

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V-------------

The door creaks open as Drew walks in, my eyes closing as light goes in, the darkness finally leaving.

My body is sprawled all over the floor and my body is still only wearing a bra and underwear. I didn't bother changing into my clothes that had been handled by Drew's killer hands. I had no idea how long I had been inside this dark and cold room but I was guessing a long time. Because of the coldness coming from the walls and floor, I started getting cough attacks and it was hard to breathe at times. Also, I was almost positive I had more bruises than ever before, although it was hard to tell since I was in complete darkness. My whole body hurt and I felt nothing. I should feel sad, mad but I don't. I feel numb. I feel nothing and honestly, I prefer feeling numb than feeling anything at all.

I sit up, my back against the wall and my arms hugging my knees that had become scratched and different colors.

"I must say, for a girl who is almost dead, you are good at pleasing."

I remain silent as goosebumps raise on my body, not sure if from the cold or because of Drew's words.

"You are not bad at all." He is now in front of me, the sun illuminating the room.

My body remains still as his shadow covers my body, my heart beat increasing.

"Do you remember what happened Nala?" His voice is soft but his posture is threatening.

I slowly look up at him, his eyes full of joy. Joy of watching my pain.

"No." I simply respond. I honestly don't remember what happened, but I have a horrible idea of what happened. I'd rather be dead than say it out loud.

He grabs my arm and pulls me up, a small yelp coming from my lips. "Do you want to relive it?" His lips brush over mine as his wraps both arms around my waist. My almost naked body shivers as he kisses my neck, his breathing fast. I stand still, afraid to do any movement.

"Leave me alone." I manage to whisper.

He immediately stops kissing me and steps back a few steps, his arms still tightly around me.

"What?" His voice is louder.

"Please. Just leave me alone." My voice cracks.

He laughs, my body shivering more and coldness spreading through out my body.

"Don't you realize it? Your mine again! and unless you want your little friends to get into more trouble, I would stay here."

He lets go of my arm and pushes me back, my body falling on the floor. I cough as he walks towards the door, his head held high.

"You said." I yell. "There would be one more death!" I cough and take a deep breathe. "Who did you kill?"

He stares deep into my eyes as a smile forms on his lips.

"No one in particular. Just a little blonde."

-------------BRUNO'S P.O.V------------

"Bruno?" Phillip knocks on the bathroom door. "You have to get out." He hits the door harder.

I stand up from the bathroom floor and stand in front of the mirror. My body is much skinnier even though it has only been one day since Nala left. Since I got sick.

I open the door and walk out, Phillip close behind me.

"Give me a cigarette." My hand shakes as I attempt to open my bedroom door with the little strength I have left. Phillip opens it after a minute of me trying and we both walk in, Brooke sitting in my bed with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not going to give you a cigarette." I sit in the bed, my breathing fast. "You haven't eaten anything, you keep throwing up and every time you try to walk out the door you end up fainting... And it's only been a day."

I lay down, Phillip standing in front of me and Brooke sitting, tears streaming down her cheeks.

I'm a mess. I'm getting worse each hour and there's nothing I can do. Brooke has been in shock since Nala left and has not moved from her same spot. Phillip is also sick but pretends to be okay. Then there's me. I ended up in the street and was picked up by Phillip who ran blocks to find me and who begged Brooke not to call the police. Then I was brought back by him and was unconscious for who knows how long and it keeps getting worse.

I try to find Nala but I am too sick and even though I try, I can't. I would go to the hospital but I know that if I do, it's only a while until they arrest me and I can't get arrested without finding Nala first. I'm hurting myself and every one around me, even Brooke who only wanted to protect her best friend.

I take a deep breathe and feel a sudden relief, but the feeling is too good to be true. My eyelids feel heavy and my body suddenly hits the floor. I can hear everything and see everything but I can not move. I am paralyzed.


I try to scream but no sound comes out. I suddenly see Phillip carrying me in his shoulders, his back covered with sweat and Brooke screaming behind us. I try to move my arms but simply can't. At least Brooke is out of her shook, but I don't think i'm out.

Phillip carries me all the way down and stops in front if of the door. My eye lids feel heavier than before and my body is cold, too cold. Brooke cries and screams as she opens the door for Phillip. The both step out but something isin't right. My heart beat suddenly increases and my palms start sweating.

Something isin't right.

I try screaming but fail. Phillip locks the door and turns when suddenly, a gun shot is heard. Someone falls to the floor, and I immediately know who it is.

"Brooke!" Phillip screams for me.

I manage to blink.

"Bro...brooke..." I half whisper. I am still paralyzed but tears start forming.

Phillip bends down next to Brooke, my body laying on the floor next to her. I look around and see nothing, but I already know who it was.

Her beads of sweat form in her forehead and she coughs, blood stains in her chest.

"Brooke!" Phillip screams her name again.

"He did it." She coughs. "He killed her and he's planning to kill Nala." Her hand meets mine as a tear escapes from her eyes. She coughs one last time before she finally closes her eyes.

Phillip yells as my cold body lays on the floor. Tears are streaming down and I just want to scream. My eyes burn and tears keep falling. Images of Nala pass by as Brooke's last words play in my head.

"He did it."

I stare at the sky as my mind processes the words.

"He killed her."

I feel a burst of pain through my chest and a scream escapes my paralized lips.

"And he's planning to kill Nala too."

I scream again as all the past memories play in my head. Not just of Nala, but of Honolulu and my parents. My friends and my sisters and brother. My life and of Anabeth.

And just like that, I close my eyes, hoping to never open them again.

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