I'm Back Part 4.

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We stayed in the same position for a few minutes while Y/n tried to calm her breathing down as I traced small circles on her back. She pulled away from my neck and looked at me with a small smirk playing on her lips making me stare at her.

Kendall:" What?"I asked making her laugh a little and lean closer to my lips.

Y/n:"I'm guessing you missed me a lot...."She said making me laugh and little and nod biting my lip.

Kendall:"You have no idea..."I said making her chuckle a little and peck my lips. Really....you don't....

Y/n:"Lets go and shower..."She said as she pulled away making me nod. She pulled out making me groan a little and her chuckle"I'll go run the shower...."She said making me nod and lay back in bed thinking about the events just happened. I was busy in my own little world when I heard Y/n call me making me blush a little.

Kendall:"Uh babe....could you come here for a minute?"I yelled out making her come into the room and look at me concerned.

Y/n:"Whats wrong? Are you not feeling well? Do you need a doctor or-"

Kendall:"Babe...."I said cutting her off her rambling and look at me"I just need help...I can't really walk"I said making her smirk and nod walking up to me and picking me up bridal style and carrying me to the bathroom.

We stood under the water letting the warm water hit our bodies making us both relax and sigh. I felt her hands sneak around my waist and place small kisses on my neck making me smile a little and relax in her arms. After our much needed shower we changed into our sweats and laid down in bed exhausted.

Y/n:"I missed holding you..."She mumbled in my neck making me hum and kiss the side of her head.

Kendall:"I missed it to...especially when its cold"I said making her chuckle and pull away smiling at me.

Y/n:"Are you just dating me for my cuddles Jenner?"She asked raising a eyebrow at me.

Kendall:"No buts its a bonus"I said making her chuckle and shake her head. She wrapped her arms around my waist pulled me closer to her making me smile a little at the gesture.

Y/n:"Goodnight babe..."She mumbled making me hum ad turn to peck her lips making her smile with her eyes closed.

Kendall:" Goodnight babe....I love you" I said making her kiss my shoulder.

Y/n:" Love you more princess" She mumbled making me smile and move closer to her making her grip tighten around me as I closed my eyes letting the darkness consume me.

I woke up groaning a little as I heard one of our phone going off. I moved a little and turned it off going back to my previous position to see that Y/n was still fast asleep making me smile a little. I missed waking up to her every morning...it felt so weird not waking up to her these past few months. We talked a lot but it wasn't the same as talking in person with her.

Y/n:" You're starring........"She mumbled making me blush a little making her open her eyes and chuckle a little making me bite my lip at the sound. God I missed that sound....

Kendall:" I wasn't starring...."I mumbled making her chuckle and wrap her arms around me burying her head in my chest making me giggle a little" babe that tickles...."I said making her chuckle and then kiss my collarbone then move lower making me moan a little.

Y/n:"Is that better?"She asked stopping and moving to my neck making me bite my lip and hum in response making her suck on my sweet spot a little making me moan. I definitely missed waking up to her...

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