Chapter 32 - Ready

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Cameron's POV

"What are you doing?" She asked but then kissed me back. I shrugged then kissed her again, our lips moving in perfect harmony. I shoved my tongue in her mouth and explored. "Cam we're in public," Amara pulled away.

"Cam?" I asked, she never called me that.

"We're together, you need a nickname," She smiled. I lifted my hand back to my pocket to retrieve the keys. I unlocked the car then opened the door for Amara. "Thanks."

I walked to the other side then let myself in the car. "Let's go home and cuddle," I suggested l. I looked over at Amara and saw her hair glowing in the now dimming light. Her eyes, which looked golden, snapped to mine.

"Okay," Her cheeks turned florescent red.

Amara's POV

My ear started to tickle. I slowly swiped at it, but hit a large object. "Ow," Cameron yelled. I opened my eyes and saw Cameron with his hand over his face. I giggled at his actions. "Hey it hurts!" He lifted his hand off his face; it was all red.

"Oh my-" I pulled the dark blue sheets off of my body then quickly ran to Cameron's bathroom. I pushed open the door and opened a white cupboard filled with towels and washcloths. I grabbed a white washcloth then set it under the now cold running water. I ran back to Cameron and sat the dripping cloth on his face.

"That's so cold!" He yelled.

"Good!" I yelled back then let him gain control if the washcloth. Cameron let his hand rest on the fabric. I lated back down in my original spot.

"How come you always hurt me?" He asked. "Curling wand, now-" I cut him off with a laugh. "And when I fought Shawn!" He threw the washcloth on the ground then rolled on top of me; our faces inches apart. Our lips met, then suddenly I remembered something.

"Hey Cam," I bit my lip as I pulled away from his face.

"What?" He questioned as he admired my facial features.

"We have to get ready for Magcon," I smiled as his facial expression became worried. He quickly hopped out of bed, him only in his red plaid boxers, and ran to his wooden dresser across the room. Out of the corner of my eye, shirts and jeans were being thrown everywhere. Finally he settled on a pair of darker jeans and a light red shirt. His shirt went over his head and his pants over his boxers. Cameron turned to the mirror that was set above his dresser and quickly ran his hands through his soft hair.

"Done," He turned towards me. "Are you going to get ready our plane leaves in like four hours."

"Sorry," I lifted the sheets off of my body for the second time that day. "Do you have something I can wear?" I asked standing up attempting to gain balance on my feet. Cameron nodded then turned to his dresser and grabbed a pair of gray sweatpants and a black Magcon sweatshirt then threw them at me. "Thanks," I replied catching them. "Today will be a lazy day I guess."

"Just put your hair up in a bun and no make-up, it'd look perfect," Cameron said searching for a pair of socks. I stood there, astonished by his choice of words. "Remember don't tell anyone about my inner fashionista," He glared; I laughed. I moved my body towards his bathroom, again. "Wait," I turned around right as Cameron stepped closer to lean in and kiss me. "Okay, you can go now, I just needed my morning kiss." I shook my head then continued on.

Blue and white. Those are two adjectives to describe Cameron's bathroom. I shut the door as Cameron picked up the washcloth I gavw him earlier. I looked at myself in the mirror, I was wearing Cameron's red flannel footsie pajamas. I smiled then unzipped the long zipper. I stepped out of the pajamas then slipped on the fuzzy sweatpants. Surprisingly they weren't too long. The sweatshirt slipped over my head, my hair became slightly static. I grabbed Camerons brush and lightly brushed my hair.

"Do you have hair ties anywhere?" I yelled hoping he'd answer.

"Far left drawer!" He yelled back. I moved to the left drawer, and sure enough there were millions of hair ties filling it.

"Should I be concerned on why you have some?" I asked as I opened the door and simultaneously tied my hair up. He shook his head and smiled. I rolled my eyes.

"Why do you roll your eyes at me a lot?" Cameron asked.

I shrugged, "Cause you're weird." He frowned. "It's a good kind of weird don't worry." He grinned then turned to walk downstairs. I giggled then followed him. I ran a little faster then his speed and jumped on his back unexpectedly. "Carry me!" I dramatically yelled. Cameron set his hands under my thighs so I didn't fall off.

"Hey do you want to eat breakfast at the airport?" I nodded against his shoulder. "Okay, I put the bags in the trunk when you were sleeping, so yeah."

"Okay," I laughed. Cameron walked towards his front door and reached for the doorknob gently twisting it to open. I remained on his back. I kissed his neck as he stepped outside.

"Stop," He whined then shut the door. I smiled as he walked me to the passenger side of his car.

"You can put me down now," I whispered in his ear. I could feel the goosebumps develop on his skin.

"Good," He slowly knelt over to let me get off. I let my feet touch the ground.

"Thanks for the ride," I said as he walked around to the drivers side of the car. I pulled the handle of the door open and let myself slip inside.

"You ready?" Cameron asked as he slammed the door shut.

I nodded, "Ready."

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