You surprise him

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It's been 5 months since you last seen Leo because of his tour. You missed him so much, your mum and dad seen how much you missed him, so they said surprise him on tour. You thought about it and in the end you said you will, your mum and dad got everything sorted, like the ticket and where they are all of that.

Today is the day you were going to surprise Leo you were nervous a little bit. You got up from your bed and went in the shower you washed your hair you were in there for about 10 minutes, you then got out. You brushed your hair then dried it, you went downstairs and had some breakfast when you finished breakfast you went back to your room and brushed your teeth. You then straightened your hair. Then got ready you put on some blue jeans, black jumper and some trainers. You had your stuff packed.

" y/n are you ready to go" your mum asked shouting up the stairs.

" yeah am ready am coming" you shouted down. With that you left your room and headed to the car. You and your mum got in the car and drove to the airport. Your plane leaves in 10 minutes so you hurried and did what you needed to. You then went to your plane. " bye mum" you said hugging her. " bye y/n have a safe flight" she kissed you on the head. You turned away and walked over to go on the plane.

*skip the plane ride*

You were finally there and you couldn't wait to see Leo . Charlie was waiting for me so he could drive me to the hotel. You got off the plane and 2 minutes later you were at the entrance. You looked around to see if you could see charlie you looked and nothing and then you seen him coming towards you you smiled when you seen him.

" hey charlie" you say giving him a hug.

" hey y/n how are you" he replies giving you a hug.

" yeah am fine am excited" you say

" well let's get your stuff in the car and go see Leo he is going to shocked" he says putting you stuff in the car. You just smile at charlie and got in the car. Charlie then got in and drove off. About 20 minutes you were at the hotel. Charlie parked outside and got out and walked over to the boot and got your stuff out. you and charlie both went in the hotel and got the lift up to his floor. You and charlie went to his room and charlie had told you that Leo was in which made you a little nervous. Charlie opened the door and let you go in first and you seen Leo lying on his bed on his phone. He turned and his eyes widened and he dropped his phone on the bed, and slowly made his to you.

" princess what you doing here" he asked you.

" well I missed you so much so I thought I surprise you" you say.

" I missed you so much to I love you so much" he says kissing you"

" I love you too Leo"

With that you and Leo had the best night and you stayed for the tour.  

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