I'm Back Part 3.

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It felt so good to have Y/n back home and I'm not going to lie when I say that it was really hard not having her round. Ever since we first met I cant seem to live without her and over this year that has passed I cant even stand a week away from her so I was surprised how I lasted these few months without her.

I missed everything about Y/n..Her stupid jokes that made no sense but made me laugh cause it was cute to me, her sweet kisses that never failed to make me melt into her embrace and let the butterflies in my stomach go insane and endless nights we would make love till the next day and never get tired. I missed us.

After we came home we went upstairs and changed into our sweats and went to the living rom binge watching some old series since I missed doing these things with her and she missed it to but it seemed like she missed something a little more since half way through the second episode she couldn't  keep her hands off me. Not that I'm complaining

Kendall: "Babe...."I said making her hum and plant small kisses on my neck making me bite my lip to supress  moan"We're suppose to be watching TV and I cant really concentrate with your hands all over my body..."I said making her hum and move her hands to my thighs making me let out a small moan. God I love her touches....

Y/n:"But babe...."She said pulling away and kissing my jaw a little and switching our positions so she was hovering over me"Dont you miss this.."She said kissing my neck and then going down to my collarbone making me close my eyes and bite my lip.


Y/n:"And this..."She said moving her hands up and down my legs and slowly letting her hand touch my intimate spot making me bite my lip harder"And the sweet kisses I would give you when you would beg me to go faster...harder"She said making me moan and nod"The loudest  and sexiest moans that escaped your mouth when I hit the right spots setting you off"She said kissing my neck sucking on my sweet spot a little"And the way you would grip the sheets when I went down on you"She said making me moan in response cause fuck Y/n was turning me on in more ways then one"And lastly....."She said pulling away and slipping her hands inside my pants and underwear looking me in  my eyes...Holy fuck"The way I make you scream my name when you cum....and keep going cause I want the whole of Los Angeles to  know who's making you feel this good"She said as she entered one finger in me making me moan and nod eagerly.

Kendall:"Oh my god!"I moaned as she kissed my neck and kept moving her finger making me  throw my head back and close my eyes.

Y/n:"So did you miss me baby?"She asked pulling away and adding another finger making me nod and grip her shirt pulling her closer to me.

Kendall:"Yes...Oh my god yes..."I  moaned out making her smirk and remove her fingers making me groan and look her"Y/n!"I said making her look at me innocently and smile.

Y/n:"Whats wrong love?"She asked making me straddle her and kiss her lips making her smile into the kiss and move her hands to hips holding them in place. She slipped her hands under my shirt and rubbed small circles on my skin making me bit her lip and pull it a little.

Kendall:"B-bedroom"I said between kisses making her nod and wake up walking us to our room. I was so lost in our kisses that I didn't even notice that we were in the room until I felt soft silk sheets making me sigh into the kiss. I laid my head on the pillow as she hovered over me with her lips ghosting over mines.

Y/n:"What do you want Kendall?"She asked making me wrap my arms around her neck.

Kendall:"Make love to me  Y/n..."I said making her smile and connect our lips again making the electricity run throughout my whole body at the feeling of her lips on mine. I kissed back and tugged her shirt a little making her remove my hands and pin it against the headboard.

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