I'm Back Part 2.

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We walked backstage making everyone come up to us and congratulate us making us smile and thank them. We heard loud squeals making us turn around to get pulled into hugs by the girls. We chuckled and hugged them back noticing that our girlfriends were missing. We pulled back with confused looks on our faces.

Abel:"Uh not to sound mean or anything girls...."

Y/n:"But where's our girlfriends?"I asked pointing between myself and Abel only to have someone jump on our backs and kiss our cheeks making us stumble a little. We chuckled as the hopped down and jumped on us hugging us"Hey baby.."I said in her neck as she hugged me tighter. 

Kendall:"God....I missed you so much"She mumbled making me chuckle  but  nod pulling away and looking at her moving the little strands of hair off her face.

Y/n:"I know...I missed you to but I'm back baby"I said  making her smile and connect our lips making me smile and kiss back. Its been weeks and god how much I missed these lips. We heard people clearing their throats making us pull away and look down blushing.

Gigi:"Its only been five minutes and you already can't get enough of each other"She said making everyone laugh including me while Kendall blushed and hid her face in my neck. I kissed the side of her head and sighed.

Y/n:"Alright...enough of teasing my girlfriend....lets go out and eat!"I said making them all cheer. I turned and saw Abel and Bella in a heated make out session making me groan while everyone laughed and made disgusted faces. And they think Kendall and I are bad .

Hailey:"Okay...maybe you and Kenny aren't that bad"She said pointing to them making me nod and tap Abel's shoulder making him hum.

Y/n:"Dude you can kiss your girl later...lets go and get ready"I said making him pull away and nod.

Abel:"Okay...."He said going back and kiss her again making me groan and pull him away while Gigi pulled Bella back a little. He went back for another kiss making me push him to the dressing room.

Y/n"God! you two are like dogs on heat...Go and get ready!"I said pushing him in his dressing room and closing the door. I turned around and looked at Bella"Stay there!"I said making her pout and stand with the girls while they laughed at our banter.

I went to my dressing room and changed into a pair of black ripped jeans with my white Adidas shirt and superstars throwing my bomber jacket on. I walked out the room and saw Abel talking with the girls and guys making me smile and join them. I walked behind Kendall and wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck making her giggle a little and me smile.

Y/n:"Hey guys..."I said smiling at them making them smile at me.

Kylie:"Hey Romeo"She said making me chuckle and shake my head. I pulled away from her and smiled big at them.

Y/N:"Lets go and eat!"I said making them all laugh and walk to our cars. As soon as we walked out we were mobbed by paparazzi making me put my arm around Kendall's waist and pull her closer to me as I guided us to the car.

Y/n! look here!

Y/n how was your tour with Abel?!

Y/n how's your relationship with Kendall?!

We got in the car and sighed in relief. I started the car and drove to the nobu since we or I haven't been there in a while. The drive consisted of talking about work and the tour with kisses in between making me smile like an idiot and listen to her and occasionally look at her then the road. We walked to the nice guy and got a place to sit making us all smile.

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