I'm Back Part 1.

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Hey guys....I'm back and ready to write the sequel to Unexpected Love and hopefully there will be a happily ever after. I made a small change in the book since a lot of people requested it....Y/n is now G!p and hopefully you don't mind the change but its basically the same since they always used the "toy" in Unexpected Love....So I hope you enjoy the chapter and happy readying guys! :)

One year. its been one year that I've spent with Kendall and its been the best year of my life and being able to call her mine has never been or sounded better. We decided that we would go public after the new year began last year and we decided to do it on her birthday.


Y/n:"Babe can you stop being nervous...."I said walking up to her and kissing her forehead. She looked at me and sighed.

Kendall:"I cant help it! This is scary and what if they start talking crap about you! about us ! and-"I cut her off by kissing her lips and pulling away slightly.

Y/n:"Baby they can say whatever they want...it doesn't matter. All I care about is you and me."I said making her take a deep breathe and relax.

Kendall:"You're right...I love you"She said making me smile and peck her lips.

Y/n:"I love you too...now lets get going before your mother and my mother kill us"I said making her laugh and nod. We were having a small dinner at Kris's place since Kendall didn't want anything big and she just wanted to spend time with family and some friends.

The drive to the Kardashian/Jenner household was filled with nerves and a little music playing in the background. I looked over at her and intertwined our hands and kissed it making her smile and look outside at the passing buildings and street lights. I parked the car and got out walking to her side and opening the door for her.

Kendall:"Thanks baby"She said jumping out and pecking my lips. We walked inside and got greeted by hugs from family and friends wishing Kendall happy birthday. We all sat around the table and talked and laughed while we waited for the food to be ready.

Y/s/n1:"So what did my sister get you Kenny?'She asked wiggling her eyebrows making Kendall smile.

Kendall:"She got my the neckless that I'm wearing actually...."She said making them all stare at it in awe"and a bracelet with our initials on it"She said maing thme all awe. I saw the girls smirk at me and Kendall making us look at them a little confused.

Bella:"So how was the birthday sex?She asked making Kendalls eyes go wide while I chuckled and sat back smirking.

Y/n:"No complants so I'm guessing it was good"I said making them all laugh and Kendall turn a bright shade of red making me kiss her cheek.

Abel:"Get it Y/l/n"He said making me chuckle and smirk. Dinner was served and we all sat around the table eating and laughing the night away. We all went outside since Kris had a surprise for Kendall.

We stood there talking when we heard a loud boom and lights in the sky. The fireworks went off making Kendall smile like a little kid and admire the colours in the sky while I stood and admired her. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist and rested my head on her shoulder watching the fireworks go off.

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