six ~ avoidance

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George had been staying with Ace ever since his mother died. He had enough money to buy his own house right then and there after selling everything in his mum's house as well as the house itself but he refused to be alone at the moment.

Matty had been coming over along with Adam and Ross but George ignored everyone except Ace. He especially ignored Matty which annoyed the short and curly haired boy intesely.

At this very moment, George was locked in Ace's spare room, hidden under three layers of blankets. His phone illuminated the suffocating lack of space that left George claustrophobic.

George heard a knock on the door and a soft voice followed it.

" George can I come in? " Ace's muffled voice asked from beyond the door.

" Yes " George said just loud enough for Ace to hear.

The door creaked open and footsteps approached the bed. The blankets were pulled away from George cause a shiver to run up his spine.

He looked at the older man with a look of distaste and sighed.

" George you need to get out of the house. Talk to people. Make some money...I can give you some drugs to sell vut please just get out of this stuffy room. "

George said nothing, he simply stared at his hands and squirmed as the older man continued to stare.

" George...get up " Ace growled.

George knew not to mess with him when Ace was angry so he carefully got up. His skin felt like it had layers of dirt of it. He felt oily and almost like his limbs had turned to plastic.

" Go take a shower. I'll give you some drugs to sell. You need to get your life together " Ace murmured.

George nodded and stood, wobbling slightly on his feet. He stumbled to the bathroom and closed the door, locking himself in the small room.

He grabbed his stash of weed from the drawer and rolled a spliff. He pulled his clothes off, poking and prodding at his thinning body, before lighting the spliff and sighing.

George stretched, cracking his aching joints. He got in the shower after finishing his spliff and turned on the cold water, letting it cascade over his body as he washed himself.

He got out a bit later and dried off before getting dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He left his room, walking to the kitchen with another spliff ready to be lit.

Voices sounded from the living room but he ignored them, instead opting to grab some food and devour it before he had to leave to sell.

" Sleeping beauty finally awakes huh? " a voice sounded from the doorway.

George slowly turned towards the voice to be met with Matty. His clothes were ruffled and a weirdly fake smirk played on his lips. George said nothing in reply.

Matty sighed, " Still ignoring me then I see "

The man soubded frustrated to George. George knew he should have replied as he had no reason to be ignoring Matty but his words caught in his throat and refused to escape.

" Whatever, " Matty grumbled.

He took out a small bag with white crystal like powder in it.  The powder scared George. Cocaine. He knew what a strong drug that was and the fact that Matty was about to snort a few lines of blow off the counter terrified George.

" Stop... " George murmured as Matty started to set up a line.

Matty looked up, surprise eminent in his eyes. His hand shook slightly.

" Why should I? " the man replied, " I'm depressed and angry so what's wrong with doing a few lines to feel better? "

George shook his head at the idiotic words leaving Matty's mouth.

" It won't make anything better stupid...only you can do that with your own thoughts and actions. " George replied.

His words were scratchy and his lips cracked. He watched Matty who ignored the younger boy abd continued setting up lines.

" You only say that cause you've never done coke before " Matty replied, snorting a line off the counter with ease.

The action made George feel sick and uneasy. He watched the small man set up three more lines.

" C'mere " Matty murmured.

George went around to the other side of the island counter and watched Matty. His hands began to shake.

" C'mon do a line.. " Matty murmured.

His voice was soft and sultry, full of seduction. George was terrified. He saw what coke had done to Ace when they first met. The results of the drug scared George so much that he asked Ace to stop. He knew Ace would be angry if he found out what they were doing.

" I- "

" It's not that big a deal's just a line "

It's just a line.

George hesitantly leaned over the counter. He snorted a line and coughed slightly. Almost instantly a rush of adrenaline came over him.

" See? It's great " Matty murmured.

The older man snorted a few more lines and then made George snort the last two. George felt sick but he also felt like he was on top of the world.

Matty took the younger boy by the hand after grabbing his backpack. He yelled something to Ace but George was so out of it that he couldn't hear the words leaving Matty's lips.

He followed the man who led George around town through alley ways and clubs that he was much too young to be in.

They sold drugs all afternoon and night. George simply followed Matty around like a dog. Matty would stop them every once in a while and do a line or two.

Even if George refused to do a line, Matty would dip his fingers into the white powder and spread the crystals on the tired boy's gums.

George knew he shouldn't be mad at Matty for this. Matty was too fucked up to even realize his own actions. When the boys finally finished selling it was around 1am.

They walked back to Ace's house and opened the door. A drunken Ace met them and took the leftover drugs and a a quarter of the money. George went to lay down but the small poodle haired boy grabbed his arm.

" Come to my place love, " the man whispered, playing with George's hair.

Before George could politely decline he was being pulled out the door and away from the safety of Ace's home.

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