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Pen Your Pride

Hey guyz!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm still new to Wattpad, hope y'all will help me!

I had the idea for this story from a recent dream, and I just had to write it down! 

Bear in mind that this is not a typical cliché love story, don’t worry!

In no way is this story going to be similar to the movie "The Vow" as this is an original idea, it is going to be very different, so please stick around for the ending to find out what happens!

So enjoy, and VOMMENT! (Vote & Comment) <3 lots of love for my fans!




My ecstatic best friend dashed across the field in a wild feat, and jumped, crash landing on top of me.

“What the hell?” I glared irritably at Alana’s face, seeing it fall straight away. I immediately sobered up, running a hand through my messed up brown hair.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, “Just excited to see you. I missed you a lot.”

My heart strings tugged a little. I missed her a lot too, more than she could ever imagine. But I wasn’t about to let her know that. Not when she didn’t return my feelings.

I glanced up at her crestfallen face, “Yeah, me too,” My resolve faded right away. Damn it, I’m going fucking soft for her.

I’ve always had a soft spot for her. Alana Collins had been my best friend ever since we were born, as our mothers were best friends. We were inseparable, did everything together, and knew each and every one of our many secrets. And of course I was madly in love with her, just as she was completely oblivious to my feelings. I’ve never been kissed, nor had a girlfriend. It was exactly like the cliché love stories.

And what made me fall madly in love with her? Was it her soft auburn locks cascading down her shoulders, her cute dimples flashing whenever she talks, or her cute puppy face when she didn’t get her way?

The answer? None of these things.

Yes, these things enhanced her. But it was her innocent personality and her ability to make just everyone smile. She had an aura that could attract anyone and everyone, including other guys with bad intentions. Like her current boyfriend, James West.


I looked up, snapping out of my thoughts, and melted into her fierce grey eyes. “Yeah?”

She made no move to get off me, but only straddled my thighs. She had got to know what that does to me…

“I broke up with James.”

I froze. My face blanked out. My heart stopped beating. But mentally, I was throwing a party. Where there were rainbows, glitter and flying unicorns. Fuck yeah! That jerk didn’t deserve her. No matter how many times I went all protective best friend mode, Alana wouldn’t listen. That fucking prick James wouldn’t stay away, no matter how many times I threatened him. I remembered how many of her boyfriends I drove away before James, and how many times Alana went all ape shit on me because of it.

No, I couldn’t let that happen again. I couldn’t let Alana date another one of those assholes again, while I stood watching at the sidelines. No, I was going to make her mine.

I slowly inched my head towards her, keeping our gaze. I looked for any signs of rejection in her eyes, but only saw eagerness. That was enough for me. Before I could place my lips to hers, she tangled her hands in my hair, and smashed our lips together. I keenly responded, our lips molding together in perfect harmony. Her lips were softer than I imagined, tasted like chocolate. 17 years old, and finally got my first kiss.

And at that moment, I made a pledge to myself.

Alana, I’ll never let you go.


So what did you guys think?

>>> Photo of Alana and Tom after the kiss


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