Chapter 17

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I woke up with a smile on my face and feeling very satisfied, thinking of last night made my fave flush. I decided to get up and have a shower. It was quite early so after I had showered and dressed in shorts, flip flops and a crop top I rushed down the stairs to find some food.

I ran into the kitchen my mom and dad were not in the kitchen so they must still be sleeping, I cooked enough for all of us I made chocolate chip pancakes and sat down at the breakfast bar. I received texts from Sam and Lex saying they would be round later on today, I decided to go to the shops and do some shopping.

I left mom and dad a note saying where I was going to be, otherwise swat would be called and told that I've been abducted. I rolled my eyes cause I knew I was right my dad was very protective over me. I grabbed my purse and dads car keys, I doubt he would mind me borrowing the car.

15 minutes later I arrived at the mall, I only need a few dresses and tops, but ended up leaving with ten shopping bags all filled with dresses,tops,underwear and other girly things. Today had been a good day so far, i decided to treat myself even more and went to get a mani pedi done, i got white tipped acrylics on my hands and French on my toes.

I'm a classy bitch.

As I was leaving the mall my phone started ringing, I pulled it out of my back pocket trying my hardest not to drop any of my bags, I checked the caller ID and couldn't help the smile that made its way onto my face.

'Hello Mr Michael's missed me already?' I teased Jordan.

'Of course I've missed my sexy mate and what did I tell you about calling me that, it turns me on and you're not here to help me deal with it.' I could picture him with an adorable pout on his face and couldn't help but giggle.

'I apologise then, now what's up why did you call?' I'm hopping it was just because he had missed me and wanted to talk but I still have doubts about what exactly was going on between us.

'Can I not call my beautiful baby and see how she is and what she's doing without it being questioned?' Que his eye roll.

'No you can't it you there is always an alternative motive, one second stay on the Line my bags are slipping.' I quickly placed the phone between my neck and ear and sorted my bags into the back of my dads car, I could hear Jordan huffing and I couldn't help but laugh and tell him to be patient, he is such a child.

'Okay I'm back'

'Show me some attentionnnnn Ray, look I called to ask if you would like to join me tonight to go see a movie and then dinner afterwards?' Really he wanted another date!!!! I couldn't help the butterflies in my stomach or the thoughts that it may end like our last one. I also still had a lot of doubt and worry but I was just going to let myself be happy.

'I would love that, what time was you thinking?' He told me he would pick me up at 8 and then we said our goodbyes, I checked the time and it was 3 I had plenty of time and Lex and Sam would be at mine in a little while so I jumped in the car and drove the short distance back to my family house. When I pulled into the drive I saw Sam and Lexi arguing. I couldn't help but laugh they always were bickering since we were young.

'NO Lexi she is my bestfriend so I am going in first, you can go in after me.' He tried to barge past her into the front door, were they really arguing about who would enter my house first.

'Well she loves me more AND I stayed with her so technically I'm her bestfriend.' Lexi stuck her tongue out at Sam I decided to end this now.

'You're both my bestfriends and you're both children now help me with my shopping and I will be entering the house first.' they both mumbled okays and came to collect some of the bags before letting me enter the house while they followed up to my room. Mom and dad were probably handling Pack business but they would be home in a while, I missed being with them I hoped they would be home soon maybe we could watch a film before my date.

Once I had put everything away I decided to tell Sam and Lexi everything that's happened including last nights phone call, they're my bestfriends and I trust them with everything, once I told Lexi about the date she started squealing and rushed over to my wardrobe to pick out an outfit.

I was going to object but before I could Sam announced that Mr Michaels was calling me I blushed knowing what that name did to Jordan it's the reason I made it his contact name. Before I could answer the call Sam beat me to it and placed it on loudspeaker.

'Yellowwwww' he said into the phone I couldn't help but laugh, I was worried about Jordan's reaction. How would he feel about Sam now knowing what happened between us.

'Who's this and where is Rayne?' Jordan sounded angry but controlled himself, I'm proud of him.

'This is Samuel and she is right here' i tried to reach for my phone but Sam jumped up and stretched his arm up. 'Jordan can you hear me, Sam give me my phone back, ow did you just bite me.' The piece of shit bit my hand what the fuck.

'Sam give my mate her phone back and keep your nasty mouth away from her!' I started laughing my head off and so did Sam so while he was distracted I jumped and grabbed my phone.

'HEY NO FAIR!' Sam pouted but I ran into my bathroom and locked the door behind me taking the phone off loudspeaker.

'Hey Jordy.'
'Ugh don't call me that, hi baby just wanted to make sure you hadn't changed your mind and still wanted to go tonight.' Ahhh he sounded nervous, I made the Alpha Jordan Michaels nervous.

'Of course I still want to go, Sam and Lexi are going to help me get ready later on.'

'You don't need any help, you look stunning no matter what you're wearing, I've gotta go though baby but before I do firstly you're fucking gorgeous and secondly tell Sam to keep his mouth off of you otherwise I will break his jaw.' I laughed and said goodbye to him before walking out the bathroom. When I was out Sam and Lexi were staring at me and smirking I couldn't help the blush that made its way onto my cheeks.

After a few hours I heard my mom and dad come home so me and the rest rushed down the stairs like the children we are and jumped on them. They were so excited to see both Sam and Lexi they were basically their other children. We decided on watching a film as a family, we decided on guardians of the galaxy. It was such a good film and Chris Pratt was one of my favourite actors, I told mom and dad about my date and so at 7pm I decided to go up to my room and have a shower while everyone finished watching the film.

Since we were going cinema and then for dinner I decided on a tight black dress that reached about mid shin with a plunging neck line with red heels. I straightened my hair and had it in a middle parting while my make up was very natural with nudes and pinks, once I was done I checked the time it was 7:50 so I decided to go downstairs and wait for Jordan.

As I made it to the bottom step, all eyes snapped to me. My mom and dad told me I looked beautiful while Lexi gave me a thumbs up.  Sam wolf whistled which earned him a slap on the back of his head and a glare from my dad. I couldn't help but laugh at his face and the girly scream when my dad hit him.

While I was laughing, I immediately stopped when I heard the door bell. I suddenly became nervous, what if he didn't like how I looked, what if it was too casual. Maybe I should change but before I couldn't take another step my mom had opened the front door.

When I saw him standing there I stopped breathing for a second, he looked at me starting from my feet all the way to my head, as soon as we locked eyes he started making his way towards me. I held my breath when he finally reached me, I could see the lust in his eyes. His had rested Against my cheek as he slowly caressed my smooth skin.

'You're absolutely breathtaking.' He then leaned down to capture my lips in a sizzling kiss, that had my toes curling.

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