About Y/N

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Name : Y/N L/N

Birthday : [ Your Birthday ]

Age : 12 ( immortal )

Personality : Quite, Kind, But she's deadly in her vampire form

Appearance : pic above

Rank : Genin

Chakra Nature : All

Kekkai Genkai : Demon Eye ( the victim will follow her command, even if it caused death)

Little background :
Y/N may look like a normal 12 year old girl, everyone can easily be fooled by her appearance. She is a full blooded vampire, in fact she is a royalty which means born vampire, but she isn't blood thirsty. She is actually friendly. But if you get on her bad side, she'll be deadly. She came to Konohagakure in hope she could start over, but she's afraid for people to know her secret as a vampire, she don't wanna be feared. So she keep it hidden. She isn't like how vampire is describe, she act just like human, doesn't affected by sun light, or holy cross, or garlic. She have a symbol in her palm ( your. Choice which hand you want )

You're birthmark is not normal. Has hidden power it'll glow different color

Blue : when you're using your vampire ability

White : when it detects someone with bad intention

Violet : you're being followed/watched

Red : when you're healing

Green : when you detect poison whether its on scar, drink, food, etc.

Mint Green : when using ice power.

Silver : when someone telling the truth

Black : when someone lies

Strength : Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

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