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India is well known for three things: our food, our clothes and our chutiyapa also known as hypocrisy.

I made a chapter on why I love being an Indian and this chapter is going to wash down your positive opinions on me.

The close mindedness of the people around me is messing up my head and I don't know if I want to be proud of being called an Indian or just ashamed that I live in this backward society.

I can't wear shorts because people act like they haven't seen legs in their entire life.

Aunties can show off their flabs but judge my off shoulder shirt like it's their business.

My parents want me to study. Why? To get a good job? No. To get me married off to a good guy.

Mental illness isn't a thing. They will think you're fine until you're breathing.

I am a girl too. If I want to have equal rights with man, I accept to be treated just like them. Don't shame men. It's not always their fault.

If a girl is found on a date with a boy in a mall, you fucking criticize her but you talk about how arranged marriage is a bad thing.

If someone says they like both girls and boys, you term them as a 'lesbo' and go all awkward with them like they ain't a human but you talk about LGBTQ+ rights on Twitter and earn retweets. What if you yourself aren't straight? What if it's just your state of mind that forces you to believe that you like boys and dicks? Some might be polygamous. Some might believe that they are bisexual. Some might be homosexual. Some might be demisexual. Some might think that they are just girls born in a body of a man or vice versa. We all are people. Humans. (And please, stop saying lesbo. It's just as disrespectful as calling a black person the n word).

^^^ watch me lose my petty followers.

You talk about female empowerment and how they should be on the places where a man stands. But what about the man. Shouldn't he get a chance to stand where she stands too? What if he wants be a makeup artist?

If we encounter any type of sexual harassment, they don't blame the boy, NOOOO, they will ask you to be careful the next time or will ask you to stay clear.

A boy in my class is being called gay by the feminists because he likes designing.

Men are expected to pull his household on his shoulders. To bring back money, to create time for the family, to do all the physical work. Women are not the only one dying under an Indian household. Men are just strong enough not to show it.

Me are you are the cause of it.

I am not going to talk about all that. I am not with you in your struggles. I am not standing by your side. In fact, you don't even know if I am real or not.

Whatever the society tells you, don't believe it. Just believe that they are big fat liars. It's okay to be yourself. It isn't okay to be their guinea pig.

They say you're fat. Ignore them. Eat more.

They say you're thin. Ignore them. Eat more.

They say you've pimples. Ignore them. Eat more.

You all are beautiful, it's just the society labels you and you're dumb enough to believe that society which will judge you for whatever you do.

I have been told that I am short, have pimples, have hairy arms and am a bitch.

But I myself know that I am short because of my genes, have pimples since puberty, have hairy arms because hormones and am a bitch because I am selfish. Believe me, I may give good advices but in real life, if you want a favor from me, you'll need to pay me back.

Bhagwaan ne tumhe tumhare liye banaya hai, tumhe tumhari aatma di hai, please don't make it the society's duty to rule your life.

Be who you are: homosexual, healthy, thin, wrinkled.

Well hey, hello. You are the 100th (well technically it's ​102) customer. I hope you collected the prize of small giggles and chortles from the counter. And a few life lessons hidden behind my jokes too.

Um, so as you wanted me to rant, and I didn't had a topic so this is what I wrote.

Be beautiful.
Be who you are.
And if you're a boy, ignore what they say, you don't have some limited choices. Go outside the walls they create.

And thank you for being with me till the 100th chapter.

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