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I have a harsh soul. You all will hate meh after this chapter. :)))

Mitch sat up in the bed, a bottle of vodka in his hand. He stared at the way the liquid swished around when he moved his wrist. He then glanced over at Scott who was sleeping peacefully and leaned forward to smell his breath.

Mitch sighed and he took a swig of the alcohol before standing up from the bed and setting the bottle down. He headed out of the room and squinted his eyes as the sunlight shone through the windows that were placed on the walls. He hurried to leaned against one, seeing the sunlight glistening on the spring water.

"Beautiful right?"

Mitch jumped and turned to see Kevin beside him, running his fingers through his messy hair and letting out a loud yawn.

"Y-Yea. It's really nice." Mitch replied before looking back out the window. 

"Want to go dip in it? It's best to go at this time since the sun heats up the water real good." Kevin walked past Mitch and into the bathroom before grabbing a couple towels and walking back out.

"I don't want to get the sling wet." Mitch said.

"I can always replace it.  It's not big deal.  Come on." Kevin smiled and he walked down the steps before stopping and staying still. 

Mitch took the hint and he giggled before jumping on Kevin's back, still giggling as Kevin raced down the steps and out of the house. 


"Kevin, can you finish the massage from last night? It felt nice." Mitch spoke up from where he was soaking in the hot water in one corner of the spring.  He kicked himself out of the corner and waddled to where Kevin was situated. 

"Of course. Where would you like to lean- oh OK." Kevin stopped himself when Mitch sat on his thighs, his front facing the water and his back towards Kevin. 

"Is this OK?" Mitch asked as he looked over his shoulder.

"O-Of course. It's perfectly fine." Kevin replied and he dipped his hands in the water before running them over Mitch's back.  He worked his thumbs into the joints in Mitch's lower back. He was careful to watch for Scott's appearance as he massaged Mitch's back, not wanted Mitch to get hurt as he was not too long ago. 

Mitch let out a soft moan and he turned his head to the side to glance at Kevin behind him before getting off his lap. "Should we dry off and go see if Avi's making anything for breakfast?" Mitch asked as he crossed his legs tightly and rubbed the nape of his neck. 

Kevin rose an eyebrow at Mitch's actions and glanced down for barely a millisecond before his face and ears turned pink. "Yea, let's go." He stuttered and he lifted himself out of the water to wrap a towel around his waist. He then got one one knee and hooked his hands under Mitch's armpits to lift him out of the water. 

Mitch was quick to grab a towel and cover himself with a towel. He did his best to secure it on his waist and grabbed his and Kevin's clothes just to have them grabbed by Kevin. He then watched Kevin leave the spring and he followed quickly, seeing Avi holding up a chicken and a nest of eggs. 

"I got breakfast!" Avi cheered. 

Mitch frowned and he walked over to pick up an egg from the nest. "But, what if the babies are formed already?" 

"Mitch. Don't do this again." Avi sighed and he dropped his hands. He dropped the dead chicken on the table nearby and went to grab the egg from Mitch but the stubborn male backed away. 

"No! I'm keeping this chicken! I'll keep it as a pet!" Mitch whined and he heard Kevin laughed at his childishness. 

"Mitch, there's not enough eggs in the nest for everyone." 

"I don't need eggs!" Mitch put the egg in his broken hand that was covered by the sling and he gripped his towel with the other as he ran towards the house.

"Ugh, he will be the death of me." Avi mumbled. 

"Ah, leave him alone. The boy wants a chicken, let him keep the chicken." Kevin chuckled and walked towards the house. 

"He's cleaning after it though!" 

"And feeding it!" Kevin called before he disappeared from Avi's sight. 


"What Mitch?" Scott grumbled from the bed and he turned on his side. 

"Scotty, I got a egg, look at it!" Mitch said innocently and he held the egg out carefully. Scott ignored Mitch which made Mitch pout and scoot closer on the bed. "Scotty, we can have a pet chicken!" 

Scott grunted and he reached around before finding Mitch's hand and gripping the egg tightly. He eventually found the strength to crumple the egg in front of Mitch's eyes before letting his hand wipe against the sheets. He turned on his side, facing away from Mitch and attempting to fall back into his slumber. 

Mitch held the contents of the egg in his hand, seeing a small fetus-like object in the middle of the yolk that was split in half. Tears welled up in his eyes and his hands shook violently. "Why are you being such an asshole to me?! What did I do to you, Scott?!" Mitch stood up and he kicked Scott in the back before running out of the room and towards Kevin's. He knocked on the door a few times before backing away and wiping his tears with his forearm. 

The door soon opened and Kevin was behind it, ruffle drying his hair. "Hey, miss me already?" Kevin joked before letting the towel drop and opening the door wider. 

Mitch held up his hand and he sniffled. 

Kevin rose an eyebrow and held his hand underneath Mitch's to catch the contents before lifting his hand up to his face. "W-What happened? Did you drop it?" Kevin asked as he poked around the yolk and seeing the chicken fetus. 

Mitch shook his head and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. "Scott crumpled it for no reason." He said angrily and he pushed himself into Kevin's room. He found the towel Kevin used on his hair and used it wipe his hands before sitting on Kevin's makeshift bed. 

Kevin was speechless as he shut the door and grabbed the towel for himself, setting the egg contents inside and folding the towel gently. "Dang, Munchie, I'm sorry. I didn't think Scott would be this much of an-" Kevin stopped himself before glancing at Mitch. "Nevermind." 

"An asshole." Mitch finished. "I know. I, um, I found a bottle of vodka in the bed sheets when I woke up. I figured he must've been drunk last night and he must a hangover." 

"That still doesn't give him a right to be so rude to you. Especially to you." Kevin walked over after he wiped his hands and sat next to Mitch. 

Mitch sighed and he glanced at his hands. "Why me of all people? If I never let him in my house in the first place." He mumbled. 

"Hey, don't talk like that, Tiny." Kevin hooked an arm under Mitch's legs and pulled him onto his lap. "I'm glad he found you. If he didn't, I wouldn't have met such an angel like you." He pressed his lips to Mitch's cheek and blew a soft raspberry making Mitch giggle and push him away. 

"Thanks, Kevin." Mitch smiled and rested his body weight against Kevin. "Well, do you have any clothes I can wear? I don't want to go back into my room. I kinda kicked Scott in the back before I ran over here." 

Kevin let out a hearty laugh and he placed Mitch back on his bed before standing up. 


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