Some guidelines (from clumsy)

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1: as they're still somewhat kids, it'd be best to ask things that are pg. remember, the boys are around 10, George, 9 3/4. Don't be too nasty!

2: here are how you'll be able to distinguish the boys-
Melvin's text
Harold's text
George's text (example of how these are used is in the fourth guideline)
I might add photos if I can do look out for that to help you!

3: asking about crushes wasn't a joke! Literally! Go ahead and ask em, 'specially since we've got a canonly gay character here!

4: no, captain underpants will not show up for you. we are not liabel for him not showing up. if this ofended you then we're sorry and you should probalbly not read this.

5: just have fun with it! remember, you are talking to kids!

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...uh, what're we doing here?

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