Take Your Time

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A/N: 1 ) I am sincerely very sorry for the title, ok. I couldn't think of anything else. 2 ) AYE, THIS IS THE 69TH CHAPTER HAHA. (I hate myself.) 3 ) Please bear with my writing. MY IPAD IS BROKEN AND IT WON'T TURN ON SO JUST PLEASE BEAR WITH ME Y'ALL THANKS. 4 ) This was requested by PeteWentzsDick so, here 'ya go! 5 ) Again, I'll probably be using "she" pronouns for this chapter, so if y'all are gonna be triggered, just keep it to yourselves. Also, just for precautionary measures I'll try my best not to use "she" pronouns! I don't want to argue with a reader twice today, thanks!

- Third Person's POV -

"Ah, Dallon! Oh my god, I love you so much," Y/N moaned.

"Fuck, Y/N! I love you even more," Dallon groaned loudly.

Since the other boys went out to buy food and hang out for sometime, Dallon and Y/N thought it was the perfect time to do their own things. But then without notice, Brendon, Kenny, Dan, and Zack came back to the tour bus after hanging out.

"Oh, Daddy! Faster! Harder!" Y/N was screaming at Dallon for more, leaving the boys dying.

"Oh, Y/N! Yes, scream my name! I love you so much, baby."

"God, Y/N... I'm so close," Dallon moaned.

The four of them tried their best to stay as quiet as possible, because they didn't want to interrupt the lovebirds' private time together. When Y/N and Dallon finished their business together, the boys finally burst out laughing.



"Looks like you two were having fun, eh?" Brendon crossed his arms, smirking.

The two just finished with their private business, so they showed up to the others wearing nothing but towels around themselves. Y/N'(s) grip tightened on the towel around herself.

"Wow, Y/N," Zack said.

"We didn't know you were that kinky," Kenny added, laughing, while Dan joined in.

"Guys, stop it! We're getting uncomfortable," Dallon complained, putting his shirt on and pushing Y/N aside to get dressed. "How much have you heard exactly?"

"Oh, Daddy! Faster! Harder!" Brendon said, all of them laughed in unison.

"Oh, Y/N! Yes, scream my name! I love you so much, baby," Zack added.

Y/N and Dallon sighed. This is never going to stop from now on is it?

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