Something Terrible

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In the deepest, darkest part of the forest, Monstrox and Roberto made their way through the wood. Roberto held as arms together as he shook; jumping whenever he heard a noise like an owl or a snapping twig. Monstrox had a devilish smile on his face; hands behind his back and walking proudly through the wood. He stopped in his tracks; Roberto almost walking into him.

"We're here." The necromancer announced with a grin.

In front of them was an old worn down building. Vines crawled all over it, the windows on it were broken and shattered and the door was missing. Roberto swallowed a mouthful of spit as he stared at the haunted building.

"What did you say was in here again?" The sculptor asked.

"Just some old dead friends." Monstrox explained. "You should probably stay here at the door."

"What, they don't like the living?"

"Oh no; they love the living. They love how they taste."

Roberto went pale as Monstrox chuckled at his own joke. The sculptor stayed behind and watched from the doorway as the necromancer made his way inside; casually whistling to himself. The inside of the building was worn down and filthy; as if it had been abandoned for many, many years. Roberto began to shake as something terrifying and malformed phased through the ceiling and floated behind Monstrox. Monstrox smiled and closed his eyes.

"Nice to see you again, old ghoulie." He spoke casually.

Monstrox turned around to see a ghost floating there. It almost looked human. But it's eyes were block and hallow and his hair floated in different directions. It wore a strait jacket with the sleeves tied; making it hold itself. The ghost grinned at Monstrox; tilting its head to the side.

"And what do I owe the pleasure, Monstrox?" The ghost questioned.

Monstrox took his hands away from his back and folded them over his front.

"Well, remember how I was going to take over Knighton a few years ago and my plans got derailed for some reason?" The necromancer began to explain. "I'm going to try again tomorrow night. But I need you and your gang of ghoulish ghosts to help me with something."

The ghost raised an eyebrow at Monstrox.

"Why?" It asked, sounding uninterested.

"Well, if it fails there're some delicious souls in it for you." Monstrox offered.

The ghost smiled with a fang filled grin. Another ghost phased through the wall and another one came through the ceiling.

"We are listening." They said in unison.

Monstrox smiled as he began to explain.

"There's this knight that I need to make my plan happen. But he needs a little persuasion." The necromancer explained.

Roberto watched anxiously from the doorway as Monstrox continued to explain.

"Recently, the wizard and the other knights said that they found a place full of monsters. But it makes me think that they might have a screw or two. He's very loyal to his friends and the royal family. But I had a thought. What if they were put in danger? What would he do if some horrible soul sucking ghosts came to Knighton to take his friends and Merlok the wizard away to this old asylum?"

The ghosts gave each other questionable looks before looking back at Monstrox.

"So you want us to go with you to Knighton to take the Knights' friends away, unless he agrees to join you?" The ghosts summarised.

Monstrox grinned devilishly.

"Pretty much." They necromancer uttered.

Roberto stepped away from the door as the ghosts started laughing, saying they would do it. The sculptor looked down at the ground; feeling an uncomfortable empty feeling in his chest as he listened to the evil laughter.


Back at Knighton, Merlok scratched his head as he and the Knights went through all his books; trying to look for something that could help them rescue Clay. Ava and Robin walked into the study. The children watched as the Knights and the wizard stressfully went through spell books and journals; silently cursing when they found nothing. The two kids looked at each other with worried looks on their faces; knowing why they were doing this.

"Hey, guys." Robin greeted.

The turned snapped out of their stressful mindsets and looked at the doorway. Merlok was still focused on the book he had.

"Hey, little dude; hey, little dudette." Aaron greeted back.

"What brings you too here?" Lance asked as he yawned exhaustedly.

"We wanted to see if any progress has been made about Clay."

Macy looked down at the floor.

"We haven't found anything yet." She answered turning to Merlok. "What about you, Merlok?"

Merlok did not respond. He just stared at his desk; lost in thought. Macy and Aaron went over to make sure he was okay.

"Merlok, are you ok?" Axl asked.

Still no response. Macy grabbed the wizards' shoulder and gently shook him.

"Merlok!" She tried to snap the wizard out of it.

Merlok looked up and looked at the Knights and the children in confusion.

"Hm, pardon?" They wizard muttered.

"You looked really out of it, Merlok." Aaron commented.

"Yeah; are you alright?" Robin asked.

Merlok looked away from the book open on his desk and stood up; using his staff for support.

"Yes, I'm fine." The wizard answered his worried peers. "I just keep thinking that I've seen this dark magic somewhere before. But I still have no idea where from or how to combat it."

"Why can't we just catapult ourselves over the forest if magic isn't going to help?" Lance suggested.

"If you did that, you would turn into a pancake on impact." Ava answered in a rather blank tone.

"Pancake? Where?" Axl asked excitedly.

While the Knights were discussing plans of how they could get back to the castle, Merlok went back into his train of thought. The wizard had a feeling that made his insides turn cold. The dark magic surrounding that castle gave him a sick and disorienting feeling. But it made him think that something was coming. Something terrible.

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