Carefully I brush my thumb over my cheek in order to apply foundation to hide the ugly mark

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Carefully I brush my thumb over my cheek in order to apply foundation to hide the ugly mark. The various shades of purple demand attention while the mustard on the edges camouflages with the foundation.

Makeup isn't going to save me from looking like hell.

If the bruise isn't a good enough indication of how tired I am, the bags and dullness of my brown eyes would be the second giveaway. For those who know me well enough would recognize the third check on the list.

Normally I make an effort to straighten my dark hair but it's been tossed up into a bun with a few loose strands that I hope will make it look intentionally messy. Although, I don't think I pull the look off. I look as run down as I feel and all because of one bruise.

It's been almost forty-eight hours since the bruise appeared and thankfully the swellings gone down. I would hope so considering I've had an ice pack or a pack of peas pressed to it ever since it happened.

After the students cleared out of the hall and I tuned back into reality I was helped to the office by the two teachers that instructed the boys to go to the principal's office. According to Blair, Brian was suspended for a week for inflicting harm as well as bullying.

On top of that news has spread fast about him hitting a girl - not the fact he openly beat someone up over his sexuality - which has given him quite the negative reputation with everyone. I exhale, sinking back against the car seat while trying to find the courage to enter the school.

From what I've been told, the fight is the talk of the school and has been for a while. I'm not entirely sure because the football team is always beating other students up, I don't get why this is so different.

He's the first one to hit a girl, that's the difference.

An abrupt knock on the window scares me out of my thoughts. I look to see Taylor standing outside with a smile on her signature red lips. There's not a day where she doesn't wear the red paint, even if she's hanging around her house in sweatpants.

"Are you coming in or what?" I reach across for my bag, opening the door once she steps back. Slinging my bag on my shoulder, I close the door while keeping my head down. "I bought you a coffee considering we have English with probably the most chilled teacher in the world, she understands the struggles of high school life."

I take the warm brown cup from her hands once I've locked the car. The liquid inside warms up my hand instantly and I take a sip feeling the caffeine soothe my nerves. Taylor's dark eyes flicker to my cheek giving a soft smile before spinning and making her way to the concrete path.

"Does it really look that bad?" I ask, following closely behind. "I tried to cover it up the best I could but I'm not great with makeup."

Taylor winces slightly with a nod. "On the upside you have a makeup expert to help you fix it, I can make it look less obvious if we hurry to English."

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