Chapter 11

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Jekyll leads me through the dimly lit corridors of Olympian Corporation. We pass a number of people wearing black uniforms on our way. Most avert their eyes when they see Jekyll. 

They think she is dangerous.

She walks quickly, keeping pace with my long strides. There is a look of resolve in her green eyes, but behind it I see fear.

It is about time she was frightened. Though I do not think it is me she is afraid of.

"Where exactly are we going, darling?" I ask.

She doesn't reply, but we stop outside a steel door. Transformation Room is written in bold letters above. A restricted access sign is nailed to the wall beside it.

She opens it and leads me inside. Once we have entered she slides it shut again - containing us within.

We're in a clinical looking room that smells of disinfectant and something else familiar to me. In the middle of the tiled black and white floor is a chair with straps attached to its arms and legs. There is a table with surgical implements at one side of the space, and a large cage beside another door in the back wall. A shelf of small bottles lines the room.

I stroll up to the surgical chair and note the dark brown stains against the wood. I run my finger along one, sniff it. That's when I realise what the familiar scent is; blood.

But something about it isn't quite human.

I turn back to Jekyll, rubbing my fingers together to get rid of the small blood particles.

"This is where you kill them," I state.


I stride towards one of the shelves and take down a small, glass bottle. She does not stop me.

"The serum?" I say.

She nods.

I hold it up by the light of one of the flickering lamps. The liquid inside is a murky black.

"You've been injecting humans with this. And it kills them." I say.


I cluck my tongue.

"Darling, how very macabre of you. May I ask why?"

There's a vulnerability in her expression for a moment, a flit of uncertainty behind her eyes. I take a step towards her.

"He makes me," she says.

I stop just in front of her and she looks up at me, her eyes wide. Her body heat radiates towards me and I catch her scent of something clinical with something animalistic lurking behind it. The hardness from her face earlier is gone completely. And again, something about her stirs something inside of me.

In this moment she is human, afraid.

But she is not completely human, she can't be.

I recall the moment something seemed to move beneath her skin in the atrium.

I look at her.

"Who is he?"

She shakes her head.

"I'm in trouble, Mino," she says. "If I don't get it right..."

"Get what right? The serum?"

"I did it once."

"Why are you telling me this? Not that I don't love to chat..."

She takes a step backwards, and again something moves under her flesh making her porcelain skin look like rubber. She breathes in sharply and her cheeks flush a rose pink. She closes her eyes hard, clenches her fists, and the movement stops.

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