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Amanda And Wolfy

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They say that werewolf haunts the forest of Aquoline. But that way only the whispers of the tiny hearted people. Their hatred overshadowed them. Making them spread rumors that weren't even close to the truth. What truth does the forest of Aquoline hold? No one knows. But rumor has it that the forest is a dangerous place to be at even when it's still daylight.

Forest of Aquoline is like the centre of all disaster. Traveler in the village around the forest knows best that nobody should enter the forest. Travelling using a longer route seems better than gambling your life in that mysterious forest. One step in. And the next step you're already lost in the maze of the forest.

And after that. You are eaten by the forest itself. Lost without a trace. No remaining of your body shall be found. Dead or alive? No one can care because no one dare. People all assume you're as good as dead. Stay away. Stay away from the forest of Aquoline. 

And people blame this one little brat. Who plays in the forest each and every evening. She's the only person to go in and out of the forest without any scratch. So, they all assume she's the cause of the attacks. Those recent attack on the village by a monster that we all don't even know. 

Her parents was killed. And she now lives with her granny. In an isolated house near the forest. And people blame her for every single disaster that they have been facing. Then a new rumor spread saying she uses black magic.

But some disagree. How could Amanda, a little 5 year old uses black magic and summon creature from hell? Amanda's only friend is her Wolfy, a wolf stuff animal even since she was mark and banned. Poor little girl. Her tears are never dried. Villagers tend to blame her for everysingle thing nearly everysingle day.

"I'm glad I have you Wolfy" she smiled and hugged Wolfy.

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