Jennie (Blackpink)

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Genre: idek

Requested: No, but i really wanted to write something like this

Warnings: None

Title: First kiss with my idol?!


There i was, walking aroud in a mall, hoping maybe i could stumble upon Blackpink because, after all ,they were visiting (Y/C/N).

After 3 hours I lost hope, it was getting late. I should go home soon.

  Suddenly,  i hear screaming while  existing the mall, a wave of confusion swarming over me.

Right in front of me stood Jennie, from Blackpink.

  Before i could react I felt a pair of soft, plump lips kissing me.
I had no idea how to react or who was kissing me.

Whoever was kissing me was cupping my face , so it was hard to get them off me.

A few seconds later they let go, and i open my eyes.

Jennie had just kissed me

And again before i could say something she interrupted me;

"Thank you so much, the fans were getting close"

"I- uh.. you're w-welcome"

"What's your name?"

"Uhm- i-it's (Y/N) "

"Well, (Y/N), I hope to see you aroud"

A crumpled piece of paper was put into my hand.

And then, she left.

Curious, i open the paper

'call me xxxx,
    and i might get you a
                    back stage pass ;)

'call me xxxx,     and i might get you a                     back stage pass ;)                                               xoxo'

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