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I groan, "Pray for me."

"You gonna be okay?" Ian mumbles.

I look to see him still looking at Mickey, "Are you?"

His jaw locks and he nods without a single word.

Everything inside me tells me to stay with the redhead who desperately needs a friend but the other part of me tells me that I need to get Renee out of here before she gets impregnated by a biker dude with 'mom' tattooed on his arm.

I roll my eyes and get up, "Call me if you need anything. Love you."

He nods his head and licks his lip, "Yeah, you too."

This kid is smitten and as much as I'd love to bare the truth to him right now, he needs to be alone.


I left my wallet at the Alibi and Renee got her purse jacked by the guy who was gawking at her chest the whole night. We were hopeless and in distress with no choice but to walk to the closest safe haven. Despite the strong urge I had to avoid all contact with Lip, the Gallagher house was a shorter walk than the hotel and at this rate, with Renee spewing her guts every five minutes, I was fucking desperate.

I carried Renee's limp arm around my shoulder on the walk there like she was a lifeless zombie with hair extensions. Halfway there she started rambling about her jackass dad and my ridiculous mother. She even cried when she told me how happy she was to be away from that house. She hates Jim more than anyone could fathom. Renee may act like she's invincible, she may hold her head high and live off music and expensive clothes but she is so much less than that. She's just a broken girl who wants nothing more than to spread her wings without a care in the world. I guess that's why I strangely care about her.

There's comfortability in the broken.

"Come on," I boosted, "Just a couple more steps and we'll be there."

Her head hung low while her unruly hair fell over her face. She mumbled something silently under her breathe as her body began to slack even more. I could feel her feet drag as we reached the Gallagher's fence and I knew she was about to go down for the count any second.

I used every muscle I had in my tiny body to carry her up the stairs and through the front door without knocking.

"Sleep," I heard Renee mumble.

"No, no, no," I repeated as I felt her legs give in at the front door, "Not yet, twat."

Just as we neared the couch, my clumsy feet tripped over a mind field of toys sending both Renee and I to the ground like a stack of falling bricks. Renee fell next to me with a loud 'smack' and I instantly see and feel red as I went down. Sharp pain rushed through my body as I felt my head meet the edge of the coffee table. A loud rustling noise followed as we meet the ground and it sounded like an earthquake. Picture frames rattled, the house creaked, a glass cup shattered as it hit the floor.

Renee giggled senselessly as my head throbbed and I rolled on to my back. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pain intensified and I heard footsteps follow from the stairs.

I opened my eyes to realize that it was the middle of the night and all the lights were out.

"Fucker," I mumbled and raised my hand to my head. Renee quickly began snoring next to me.

"What the fuck?" A familiar voice rumbled through the living room.

I lifted my head and squinted my eyes to see Lip in sweats, shirtless while holding the infamous killing bat. His hair was rustled and his eyes were drenched with sleep and I swear I never saw anything more beautiful.

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