The Eternal Spiral

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Gunfire continued to sound in the Alveare.

"You four over there, split up and watch the exits of the alleyway. You are not to act freely without orders, because this alleyway is their territory..."

Edward had, on receiving a report, arrived on scene with a large number of police officers.

"... What happened?"

On pushing open both doors and entering the shop, he found the shopkeeper standing there dumbly.

"Ah, no... I don't understand it very well myself... I was suddenly dealt a blow by some weird geezer..."

Edward warily moved into the bar. En route he had heard the sound of machine gunfire, so he kept a grip on the gun in his hands and scrutinized the surroundings inside cautiously.

"... This is terrible."

The shop looked like the aftermath of a hurricane strike.

Broken chairs could be seen everywhere around the entrance, while the damage of a machine gun attack stretched out over every corner of the room.

After having made a survey of the surroundings, Edward seemed a little relieved as he muttered,

"At least for now, there're no dead people around here."

There wasn't a trace of blood to be seen in the room.

"Oooh... You let that brat pass through too... Ennis..."

Szilard slowly turned to face her.

"... 'How disappointing'... is not something I will say. What I really feel is 'it's about time'. I've created ones before you, but they always betrayed me whenever they obtained some unnecessary knowledge... I thought a female would change everything, so I created you... but in the end nothing's changed."

It was the first time Ennis knew about her own 'brothers'. But it no longer mattered anymore. She really wanted to just kick Szilard into the ground, but...

"It's useless."


Szilard just thought of closing his eyes for a moment, and somehow Ennis was sprawled on the ground. It was nothing to be surprised about—it was just like a puppet having its strings cut.

In this instant, Szilard's energy that protected the balance of cells was disrupted, and every part of Ennis's body started to malfunction.

"I won't kill you just yet... Your death must be full of suffering."

A mocking smile appeared on the face of Szilard, only to be disrupted by a projectile lump of pepper.


An immortal, in possession vast quantities of 'knowledge', who desired to conquer the world. For such a man to actually be scared of the sting of pepper in his eyes was a comical sight.

"Bastard! What'd you do to Ennis!"

"What'd you do!"

The Father and nun threw the pepper in the bag in rapid succession. Although it seemed a little ridiculous, there was a sense of a demon exorcism with holy ash.

"Guh... You!"

At this moment, Firo, who had dashed in, pulled Ennis and Maiza far away from Szilard.

"Mr. Maiza! Are you all right?!"

The holes in his knees were already half-closed. Perhaps because it was the first time they were damaged, the recovery seemed somewhat slower than Dallas and his cohorts.

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